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April's Pictures

Reddish Vale Viaduct
Reddish Vale Viaduct (Nisis DV5)

A classic picture really of Reddish Vale viaduct. I suspect anyone who comes down here with a camera will take a picture of it, so not to let the side down I did and here it is. I did wish that I'd brought my Lomo Fisheye camera with me, but that was only once I was stood underneath one of the arches. Usually I have some idea what shot looks like before they come out, but taking the underneath of the arch with a 170 degree fisheye is beyond my comprehension as to what shape I would end up with... however I think I could probably guess... the underneath of an arch with curves. Still would have been nice to try. Maybe another day.

0 comments have been left19:29 29 Apr 2006Tags: reddish viaduct lake
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More Reflections
More Reflections (Nisis DV5)

Having a walk in Reddish Vale (again), the sun was out and it was quite a nice day, even though the morning was rather cold, but still bright. This appeared to be a good picture however I'm not really too impressed with how it turned out. One thing that's probably had to make out (if not impossible) is the heron sitting on a branch just right of the centre of the shot. Mind you unless I hadn't have seen the bird land there myself; I'd not have guessed it was there. Anyway I liked the reflections so took the picture; of course the sky is a little overexposed reminding me why I should take more pictures with my 35mm cameras, because they allow me more control of the overall exposure.

0 comments have been left19:25 29 Apr 2006Tags: reddish reflections lake
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Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge (Nisis DV5)

In the area where we were staying in Telford is Ironbridge and it's famous Ironbridge. Nothing to report here apart from the fact that it was raining hard and it would be a really nice place to go when it's nice and sunny, which it wasn't, so it was quite a dreary place to be in some ways. After this it was off to the tile museum to look at… tiles.

0 comments have been left17:06 19 Apr 2006Tags: ironbridge bridge arch
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Oriental Garden in Telford
Oriental Garden in Telford (Nisis DV5)

Telford is a strange place. It's a big concrete town surrounded by little villages and a shed load of roundabouts. Just off from the monolithic shipping centre is this rather strange geometric park full of kids playgrounds, a small boating lake, a thing called Wonderland and this oriental garden called the Maxell Cherry gardens. Here's just a bit of it.

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Wickets Inn
Wickets Inn (Nisis DV5)

Here's the pub the Wickets Inn which is in Wellington a few miles from Telford. The trip here was to check the place out since on a census there appears to be my Great Great Grandfather staying there. In what capacity he was there is unknown, however since he was a Licenced Victualler on the census (an Inn Keeper) then it's pretty likely that he would have run the place.

Perhaps since the place is up To Let for rent as a business, then one of his descendants could take it over to run... or then again perhaps not.

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17:01 19 Apr 2006Tags: wellington pub
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Church in Shrewsbury
Church in Shrewsbury (Nisis DV5)

Last few days have been spent in and around Telford. Here's Shrewsbury’s church. I must admit that day I didn't much feel like taking pictures even though the place was wonderful, so here's the best I could do, and it doesn't really look very good.

0 comments have been left16:54 19 Apr 2006Tags: telford church
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Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny (Nisis DV5)

In the Art Gallery in Manchester there is an interactive section that the kids love. This secyion is a half room (more like a cubby hole) of mirrors where my Daughter was dancing; I thought it was a nice abstract snap. I couldn’t find a way to stop the DV5 using the flash so my finger was over the flash to stop it ruining the picture. This then stretched the exposure and we get blur. All the other pictures were with flash and were over exposed and an exact moment in time, which made them all a little a bit stark and horrible. I must admit the DV5's flash isn't it's best feature because it's difficult to get picures right with it. However that's OK because it's not an expensive camera, I don't like flash photography and it's really a video camera.

0 comments have been left10:52 8 Apr 2006Tags: gallery blur child
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Building Stalking
Building Stalking (Nisis DV5)

This is the last time I take a picture of this building I promise; otherwise it'll look like I'm stalking the building. I had to go into work on Saturday and so I took my camera and since the building looked taller than usual I snapped another couple of pics. Here's one. I'll stop now I know you're bored.

0 comments have been left10:43 8 Apr 2006Tags: tower hilton manchester
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Building Mix
Building Mix (Nisis DV5)

Here's a picture I took many years ago in print form on (believe it or not) Christmas Day. Both times I took the picture I've been prompted by the person I was with to take it. It shows quite well I think the many styles of building in Manchester I think you'll agree.

This time the picture was taken a little to further towards Princess Street because I'm standing right outside the doors to the Town Hall, whereas last time I was further towards Peter's Square.

0 comments have been left10:41 8 Apr 2006Tags: manchester christmas
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