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Geometric's Pictures

Ossington Court
Ossington Court (Pentax Optio 50)

At last Ossington Court I finally got there and it wasn't as impressive as I first thought, however I think I didn't get in the right position. As soon as I got there I started to look for a good picture and as soon as I did I got the usual “Hey why are you taking pictures” from some kids behind me. I sighed a little inside hoping to get a couple of shots before I had to explain myself in the best I could. After I took a couple the children the oldest being perhaps five or six were right next to me and I'm trying to explain why I was taking pictures which I couldn't explain too much other than saying “because I want to” at which point the children launched into many stories about the block such as yesterday some people who had gained access to the flats had started shouting abuse at them, and the time when one of their Mums had to rescue their cat from the top floor and one about a fire and one about a lady who jumped off the top because people were after her. They seems really nice children, happy to talk to me and to answer my question as to whether the block was going to be demolished, the reply was that it was going to be demolished because “the council was really mad at the place” which prompted another one to ask “Are you the council?” I knew though whatever I answered I would be right even if I worked for the council, I definitely wasn't the whole council, but this wasn't the time to be pedantic to these polite kids. I said no because I am in no way part of the council at which one of them said “I told you” to the other one. Fearing that whilst the kids were quite polite I really didn't want to be hanging around too much, whilst I'm no danger to anyone (apart from myself on occasions) I'm not really sure that's what any one of the parents might be thinking seeing their kids talking to a strange man with a camera, so said I had to go and said bye and got very polite bye back.

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Glass Tower
Glass Tower (Nisis DV5)

Here's a picture of a building in China Town, I think it's on York Street but I don't know, my knowledge of road names around there is woeful as is my memory of where it was because the parallel roads do tend to get me a little lost, well I am getting old, I'd had a few ciders and a slap up meal (as the Dandy comic would have said). If it's not on York Street the Charlotte Street will be the one. I liked the geometric pattern so took it. Job done.

0 comments have been left00:46 20 Aug 2006Tags: tower geometric
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Oriental Garden in Telford
Oriental Garden in Telford (Nisis DV5)

Telford is a strange place. It's a big concrete town surrounded by little villages and a shed load of roundabouts. Just off from the monolithic shipping centre is this rather strange geometric park full of kids playgrounds, a small boating lake, a thing called Wonderland and this oriental garden called the Maxell Cherry gardens. Here's just a bit of it.

0 comments have been left17:04 19 Apr 2006Tags: oriental geometric telford
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