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This Charming Man
This Charming Man (Nikon D5000)

After a few weeks on decoration and dispair... well it looks like everything has to start with a d so let's hope next doesn't start with dysentery I haven't been out for a bit so I have an archive pic for you. I say I haven't been out but I have. Work still sees me, so I haven't done an “Office Space” and decided not to turn up don't worry about that, the bills still keep telling me that I need to get paid so I can still continue to pay my hosting provider and keep the good ship Zamyatin on course... for where I have no idea.

Anyhow this is a pic from Beaumaris in Anglesey, in fact it's the Beaumaris Gaol (Jail in modern spelling and it is pronounced the same, please don't tell me it's pronounced Goal like a few people tried to tell me). It's pretty interesting for such a small place but the website doesn't do it justice. If you do go get an audio commentary but try not to get confused with the room numbers... you will but try not to. Still it's odd being such a small town and having such a place there if you know what I mean but then again I suspect they were more commonplace in that there was a gaol in Belle Vue just near the Speedway further information about can be found in what seems like D A Radclifefe's Belle Vue Prison Page.

Back to the plot, the pic is of a man scribed into the window of the work house, I believe it was the women’s workhouse. In fact this wasn't the only image scratched into the glass -just the most interesting- there were names and years of sentences and someone had dug into the ground too, so not much work going on those days I assume.

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Kaleidoscope Window
Kaleidoscope Window (Nikon D5000)

There has been so much going on and so little time/opportunity to take pictures. Well where do I start? I have no idea other than last weekend was a weekend in Ireland to watch Eurovision... nah not really it was a 21st which was alright and very very successful for others owing to the time in the morning that people sloped back at. Needless to saw with a 10 year old in tow it was an early night after watching... Eurovision with the whole pub behind Jedward, every time they got anything there were cheers... and I thought that people were being ironic when they said that theywatched Eurovision. For my nephew it was all too much as Iteland descended the ranks and he wanted to go home. Better luck next year

Anyway back to the pic. Of course with no camera time there was nothing to take and so here's a picture of the stained glass window in Palma Cathedral. There were a couple, one of which was the light that it projected onto one of the walls which was pretty but whilst this is less abstract I liked it better so perhaps I shall leave that for another day.

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Window on Venice
Window on Venice (HTC Touch Pro 2)

Well you can tell it's soon time to leave because it's a more nondescript picture here at Zamyatin. The toll of beautiful buildings and baking sun has taken its toll. Plus the fact that I spent most of the time taking pictures with the Nikon and using the JVC to take video on a free trip to Murano which was free from the hotel, the weird thing initially was that the water taxi was paid for by the glass gallery especially since there was a demo and a personal tour thrown in free. Of course this was weird until it became patently clear that this was a sales trip trying to sell us hundreds of Euros of glassware. What's actually odd about it was that last time we came to Venice we paid our fare to get to Murano and when we tried to see if we could have a tour (which we would be happy to pay for) we were all but escorted off the premises but this time since they were more than happy to pay the water taxi and give us a personal tour. By way of thanks we bought EUR25 of glass, that should go some way to paying for some of the taxi fares.

Anyway lets get back to the picture. On the way to find something to eat we stopped near the Teatro Restaurant and this image looked quite nice so I took and snap. The end.

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Rylands on Reflection
Rylands on Reflection (Pentax Optio 50)

This didn't look like much of a picture when I took it on the LCD screen and you might say the same now. However the picture actually seems better after putting it onto a screen though admittedly the sun was on the screen so the contrast was awful when I was taking it, perhaps a good reason for a DSLR.

Anyway we were at the Balearic event in Albert Square and had a bit of a trot around. Seemed OK but nothing special for my tastes. On the Saturday when we went it was Dressage then a band and repeat. Don't get me wrong the Dressage was impressive and the band we saw was Mallorcan. I did start getting worried when the singer pointed out a guy who had an AC Milan top on. It was only then that I realised that the comfortable jacket I had on was a jacket bought during our holiday to Seville which was “Sevilla Fútbol Club S.A.D.” jacket and the crowd was thinning exposing me... time to go.

Luckily it was time to go so we left to have a look around John Ryland's Library again. On the way out I took this which as mentioned looked bad but in reality looks better. Mind you it could be better.

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Ossington Court
Ossington Court (Pentax Optio 50)

At last Ossington Court I finally got there and it wasn't as impressive as I first thought, however I think I didn't get in the right position. As soon as I got there I started to look for a good picture and as soon as I did I got the usual “Hey why are you taking pictures” from some kids behind me. I sighed a little inside hoping to get a couple of shots before I had to explain myself in the best I could. After I took a couple the children the oldest being perhaps five or six were right next to me and I'm trying to explain why I was taking pictures which I couldn't explain too much other than saying “because I want to” at which point the children launched into many stories about the block such as yesterday some people who had gained access to the flats had started shouting abuse at them, and the time when one of their Mums had to rescue their cat from the top floor and one about a fire and one about a lady who jumped off the top because people were after her. They seems really nice children, happy to talk to me and to answer my question as to whether the block was going to be demolished, the reply was that it was going to be demolished because “the council was really mad at the place” which prompted another one to ask “Are you the council?” I knew though whatever I answered I would be right even if I worked for the council, I definitely wasn't the whole council, but this wasn't the time to be pedantic to these polite kids. I said no because I am in no way part of the council at which one of them said “I told you” to the other one. Fearing that whilst the kids were quite polite I really didn't want to be hanging around too much, whilst I'm no danger to anyone (apart from myself on occasions) I'm not really sure that's what any one of the parents might be thinking seeing their kids talking to a strange man with a camera, so said I had to go and said bye and got very polite bye back.

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Room at the Top
Room at the Top (TYTN II)

At the risk of finding myself at an uber-modern hotel I booked to stay at the Macdonald hotel anyway for our Anniversary. After the disappointment of the uber-modern Hilton last year it was looking like a bad idea even whilst I was booking. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. This being the view from the end of the top floor, the views are not bad at all, though it's probably not high enough this side of town for really impressive views. I do think that the reflecting in the windows make this picture as well as the window frames. Looking at the building it does make me wonder what the building was like to work in as a former BT building and how much of the original still exists

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Dunblane Cathedral
Dunblane Cathedral (QTEK 9100)

In a quick trip out from the main event which was Crieff we just kept on driving. First to Braco and then onward to Dunblane where we had a look at the Cathedral. There were quite a few pictures I could have included today but this one stood out. In a small room on a corner of the Cathedral is this. I have a few 35mm shots that I would be interested in seeing, though this will all take time but they should be better I hope. I took many shots with the QTEK but the basic shot of the detail of the window and no fancy stuff looked the best, though I'm that won't be the case of the film versions which I have yet to see.

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Cottage Window
Cottage Window (Nisis DV5)

This is a picture out of the window where we stayed in Portmellon, or Port Mellon (please delete as applicable). From the window you can see an ample amount of water and sea wall. In addition during the week there was a boat rescue, a boat launch and a seagull that thought that it wanted feeding... lazy seagull go get some fish.

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Burning Window
Burning Window (QTEK 9100)

This is one of the stained glass windows in Manchester Cathedral, I don't know what it is all about, as I found no description, but I'm guessing it's either supposed to represent fire or blood or both as I think it was this section that was bombed in the war in addition to which it is the chapel for the Manchester Regiment.

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New Smiley
New Smiley (Sony Ericsson K700i)

I woke up this morning with this greeting me as I pulled back the curtains in my daughters bedroom. Half wondering whether to get annoyed about dirty fingers on the window I stopped and took a picture. I'm sure we have bigger things to deal with in our house than dirty finger on windows such as no decent covering on the bathroom ceiling for a start, or a back bedroom still with wood-chip wallpaper, to name just two.

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