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Woman on Ceiling
Woman on Ceiling (QTEK 9100)

Still in Manchester this is on the ceiling of the gallery in Manchester on Mosley Street. I don't think I was supposed to take pictures within the Gallery so I shall await a knock on the door from the Art Police. I can't remember the name of the room but it's a really tranquil room and perhaps that's the lighting and the seats around the outside that have speakers that play sort of ambient sound such as people talking and singing.

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Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny (Nisis DV5)

In the Art Gallery in Manchester there is an interactive section that the kids love. This secyion is a half room (more like a cubby hole) of mirrors where my Daughter was dancing; I thought it was a nice abstract snap. I couldn’t find a way to stop the DV5 using the flash so my finger was over the flash to stop it ruining the picture. This then stretched the exposure and we get blur. All the other pictures were with flash and were over exposed and an exact moment in time, which made them all a little a bit stark and horrible. I must admit the DV5's flash isn't it's best feature because it's difficult to get picures right with it. However that's OK because it's not an expensive camera, I don't like flash photography and it's really a video camera.

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