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October's Pictures

Roman Shopping
Roman Shopping (Nikon D5000)

Since it was raining today we headed off for the Euroma 2 which is a shopping Mall. I'm not sure what happened to Euroma 1 unless it was hunted down by the Trafford Centre in a bid to rid the world of copies of itself only for Euroma to regenerate like some bad pheonix. As you can guess I don't like going to Malls but I like them less when it curtails my Rome viewing time for obvious reasons. So we are shopping and I come across Justin Beiber's scent.... I'm sure I could have written that better. Well I assume it's hus perfume but to all intents and purposes it's something more gruesome alltogether. Yes it appears that he is selling the chopped up remains of... his girlfriend in boxes and tubes and all sorts if containers, all there as brazen as you like and the authorities are doing nothing. Why? Probably because they can't belive it either.

0 comments have been left15:38 31 Oct 2012Tags: justin bieber perfume scent shopping girlfriend rome
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The Colloseum
The Colloseum (Nikon D5000)

With found luggage and a new hotel to go to hope sprang eternal. Even the possiblt long drive from Sabaudia to Rome could not dent our spirits. The first drive in took some thing iver four hours as we zig-zagged down mountain passes and missed hudden turns that the Sat Nav quietly let us miss. I still can't see how it took us so long on the way the since it was only suposed to take us two and a half hours. Anyway, an hour into the drive on a different back I noticed that we were very close to where we were supposed to be. Needles to say we completed the route in under one and a half hours, so what happened with the two and a half hours I have no idea. So we stoped, offloaded and headed out the the Colloseum of course, and here we have it. More impressive from the outside than the insideprobably because from the inside it's hars to understand what it would look like with so much of it gone.

0 comments have been left20:19 30 Oct 2012Tags: colosseum rome ruin
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San Felice
San Felice (Nikon D5000)

A stop at San Felice Circeo today revealed that there was nothing much there unless you happened to be a surfer dude which none of us were and nithing much shall change I expect as far as surfing is concerned. A quick trip to the beach lead us to get back into the car and drive to the port where these chaps were trying their best to navigate the waves with some sucess but then again a lot of it seemed to be spent bobbing up and down as waves broke to your left, right and after you, so not my idea of a great time. Then to make matters worse the thunder and lightening started and so did the rain. We left the guys surfing or perhaps the correct term is bobbing and headed for a Cafe where we mised the rain as it really hamered itself down. Ince coffees were finished it duely dried up enough for us to walk the 10meters to the car and head for somewhere else equaly shut as its out of season. Still despite its shutness there are always plenty of opportunity for badly blurred pictures. Et Voila.

0 comments have been left15:03 29 Oct 2012Tags: terracina surfing waves surfer
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Sunday Sabaudia
Sunday Sabaudia (Nikon D5000)

I wish that I had read the review of Sabaudia a month ago before I booked that said that Sabaudia was pretty but boring in winter. I read that this morning. Well it better be pretty otherwise Mussolini who built the town will get a piece of my mind next time I see him. There is always the possability to get out ijn the Hire car if things get a little bleak. It seemed bleak this morning as church was in session with the only give away of life were the hundereds of abandoned Cars litering the square streets of the 30s town, still, lots to be seen yet and lugage to be resucued from Zurich yet as for the Rome leg... who knows.

0 comments have been left13:41 28 Oct 2012Tags: sabaudia church sunday mussolini
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Kelham Island
Kelham Island (Nikon D5000)

There were a couple of unfortunate things about Kelham Island. The first is that the Brewery next door that also runs tours didn't get together with this museum and make something really really special. A bit of history and brewing and smelting and it would be cracking. The second problem is that the museum was a little like a collection of stuff. Now don't get me wrong, in their simplest form that is what a museum is but in it's simplest form. This wasn't much more really. Interesting though it was. The last and most important thing is that Kelham Island isn't an Island despite the fact that the blurb on the site says that it's a man made island. Man made it might be but it's a little like a peninularish sort of thing more than an island or perhaps I'm being unkind.

The picture is of a Bessemer Converter which is at the entrance of the museum which converted iron to steel in huge quantities. Needless to say that there are others methods of doing the same thing, but you'll have to visit the museum to find out (what a salesman I am). The day was topped off my a spot of lunch, and as my daughter scanned the menu asked “What's in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich”. Now I'm not sure whether there would be such a thing on the menu, my daughter has a habit of not reading things properly hence yesterday “tactile screen covers” became “tactical screen covers”, even so I think anyone with a basic grasp of English would understand what could be in a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich. With so many options for annoyance I decided not to answer the question.

0 comments have been left19:53 14 Oct 2012Tags: kelham island sheffield steel museum
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Wooden Pigs
Wooden Pigs (Nikon D5000)

It's back to the carvings collection on a trip out to Tatton Park. After a cycle to Blackpool for the British Heart Foundation last weekend, this weekend was all about relaxation. So off to Tatton we went mainly to go to the farm which as you may know if you read this blog at all then as usual I have come away with a stock photo of a pig. If you don't believe me just type pig into the search box and see what happens... hmm I just did that, ti didn't seem too bad. OK the number of pictures I have isn't the problem, it's the fact that so many people click through from google after a search for pigs, and not just in English either.

Anyway this is a pig picture with a difference in that they pigs are wooden. What's quite interesting is that I also got a nearly identical picture of real pigs, it was uncanny. Anyway I liked the pic with the light and the sky behind (which is the way I planned it) as well as the fact that it's just quite a nice carving.

0 comments have been left21:43 8 Oct 2012Tags: pig tatton park farm chainsaws
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