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June's Pictures

The Hall at Alton Towers
The Hall at Alton Towers (Nisis DV5)

Nothing much to say about this. I think the title says it all. I just thought it looked a nice shot on a trip to Alton Towers. It has been quite a few years since I last went and a lot has changed, in fact it's almost a different park. I wasn't much in the mood for it, but the kids enjoyed it, which is the main thing.

Again shot with the DV5 contrast was a difficulty with the bright sky to the left, but the detail is quite acceptable.

0 comments have been left11:06 25 Jun 2006Tags: alton overgrown hall
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What a Load of Bollards
What a Load of Bollards (Minolta X500)

It's a picture I like of the bollards at Portmellon with the sea in. The road runs right up to the sea (or sand depending on the tide) Id does look a little grim but that's probably due to the fact that the sun is low and it's morning so it's not as bright as it could have been.

I do like the photo though, a bit of depth and the pattern the bollards make is nice with the menacing grey cloud to the right.

0 comments have been left11:00 25 Jun 2006Tags: bollards portmellon quay
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M60 Bridge near Sale Water Park
M60 Bridge near Sale Water Park (Nisis DV5)

One of my fave things to photo are geometric shapes, and if I manage to scan the pics in from holiday then you'll probably guess that with at least one shot of a traffic bollard… exactly. This is of a bridge that crosses the M60 just near Sale Water Park. Last time we were at the Water Park there was no bridge and the M60 was still being worked on, so to see this quite impressive bridge there now meant that I had to walk on it, even though I have no idea where it ends up (that’s step two).

Whilst the bridge does in some ways look impressive, unfortunately it's just as impressive as all the other new bridges on the M60 build from the same design... which is the pity; they could have been more imaginative surely?

0 comments have been left18:30 14 Jun 2006Tags: bridge m60 sale symmetry
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Just Down from Charlestown
Just Down from Charlestown (Minolta X500)

This cheaky little number is a picture of a beach that was under construction... well not the bit I was on or taking a pic of, but the rest of it was. After a hard day of being burned I stayed by the rocks and took this little number. I'd no idea it would look as good as I thought it would do because of my constant complaints about the screens on digital cameras. I have complained long and hard but does anyone listen... no. It was a sunny day despite the look of it going dark soon!

0 comments have been left22:17 3 Jun 2006Tags: charlestown beach silhouette
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Cottage Window
Cottage Window (Nisis DV5)

This is a picture out of the window where we stayed in Portmellon, or Port Mellon (please delete as applicable). From the window you can see an ample amount of water and sea wall. In addition during the week there was a boat rescue, a boat launch and a seagull that thought that it wanted feeding... lazy seagull go get some fish.

0 comments have been left22:13 3 Jun 2006Tags: portmellon windows
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St Ives
St Ives (Minolta X500)

Just quick picture of St Ives, nothing much to speak of hear other than this is from the Harbour wall. A sunny day in St. Ives though a few days before it had been raining. In fact on the first few days (which were cold) we go sunburnt! How could that have happened.

0 comments have been left22:10 3 Jun 2006Tags: church beach
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