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I Went to Salerno and All I Got was this Lousy Picture
I Went to Salerno and All I Got was this Lousy Picture (TYTN II)

Read all the guidebook advice on Salerno. We read up but went anyway. Rudderless without our trusty guidebook we ambled aimlessly around the streets and back alleys hoping to stumble on something. More of a shopping place and even at it seemed strange as the shops appeared and then faded only to appear again. Mind you that might have been because we were wandering. Also since it's write-up was all about shopping I suspected grand shops and masses of them. It contained small interesting shops I suppose; full of jewellery, toys and groceries but not in the same shop you understand. Perhaps for the day-tripping souvenir hunter.

This is a picture of a water fountain that I assume had some statue in the middle of it. Now it's completely overgrown unless the overgrown bit is the whole point.

0 comments have been left17:08 20 Aug 2008Tags: statue overgrown salerno fountains italy
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Partial Bridge
Partial Bridge (QTEK 9100)

Now I am scaring myself. We have a bridge in Philips Park that ends at a road which I took ages ago and we see a little stub of a bridge near Sportcity and they might be the same bridge and now I'm off on Google Earth to see if there's more... and there it is at the end of Riverpark Road! So as sane rational people, we set out back to where we had come to find this bit of bridge.

So here's a picture, a few arches and what looks like now a path that runs by the estate.

0 comments have been left21:43 30 Sep 2006Tags: bridge overgrown
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The Hall at Alton Towers
The Hall at Alton Towers (Nisis DV5)

Nothing much to say about this. I think the title says it all. I just thought it looked a nice shot on a trip to Alton Towers. It has been quite a few years since I last went and a lot has changed, in fact it's almost a different park. I wasn't much in the mood for it, but the kids enjoyed it, which is the main thing.

Again shot with the DV5 contrast was a difficulty with the bright sky to the left, but the detail is quite acceptable.

0 comments have been left11:06 25 Jun 2006Tags: alton overgrown hall
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