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December's Pictures

The Duke of Lancaster Too
The Duke of Lancaster Too (Pentax Optio 50)

This is the front view of the Duke of Lancaster. This time it appears to be trying to sail down a rather shallow river. It's concreted in so I think there's no fear of that, also they have dropped anchor for some reason, perhaps that just in case the rust holds and the concrete gives way.

0 comments have been left17:48 29 Dec 2007Tags: boat disused transport mostyn derelict
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The Duke of Lancaster
The Duke of Lancaster (Pentax Optio 50)

Slightly bored on Thursday I took a virtual flight along the coast from Llandudno towards home using Google Earth. Yes I was that bored. I decided that taking the coast would be more interesting than taking the usual A55. As I flew I checked the occasional links or interesting features, One of which was Mostyn's Port. Dragging slowly back down the coast I saw this funny mark that looked a little like a ship. Thinking that it would just be a ship at a port I zoomed in, after all they are aerial photos that capture cars and people, so I didn't expect it to be there until I found this link which caught my interest. After a bit more searching I found out that it was a boat that served up until the 70's when it was turned into Mostyn's Fun boat, a use that finished in the 80's. Needless to say that I had to see this for myself.

What's strange about the ship is that it eerily looks almost like it's waiting for people to board at a port and yet it's quite obvious that it's not moving at all from all the rust. Despite this from the car park it looks like a boat that is in a field and it's on it's way to you.

For more information and a quick map to where this place is then there is more information here but in short it is just about opposite of Park Gate where we went in October.

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17:43 29 Dec 2007Tags: lancaster boat transport disused mostyn derelict
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Zippy Christmas
Zippy Christmas (QTEK 9100)

I am sure there has been lots written about this, in fact I know there has, but this is Manchester's attempt at Father Christmas on the Town Hall. It used to be an inflatable thing that hung to the clock tower, but this year they have decided to choose something that looks a little like Zippy from Rainbow.

It's been a wet and cold few days in Manchester so to be quite honest I wasn't that much interested in hanging about Manchester. Just this quick pic, a dalliance with the excessively busy shops and then home and nothing to report apart from that. I didn't even look too much at the skating in Piccadilly because it was raining. They say it might snow tomorrow which is better than rain at least.

0 comments have been left19:05 28 Dec 2007Tags: manchester zippy christmas hall celebrations
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The Park
The Park (Pentax Optio 50)

Oh it's early and it's not so much of a good picture. Not the cameras fault of course, but being Christmas Day I don't really feel like going many places but I didn't think I might take a sneaky picture of this “White Christmas” with my new presents. First on trial was my hefty winter jacket which you cannot see, nor can you see my new jumper and in fact you can't see the final one, but you can see the results of the Pentax Optio 50 which this has been taken with. Naturally only time will tell whether the camera actually appears to be one of my faves or not. It's got a tough problem bearing in mind my QTEK is always in my pocket being my phone but the lack of pixels of the QTEK do let it down. We shall see.

0 comments have been left09:54 25 Dec 2007Tags: christmas present park bench
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Staring at the Sea
Staring at the Sea (Nisis DV5)

Busy again so more archive pictures I am afraid. Yes I am a dead loss at this weekly photoblog thing. Thank goodness I haven't decided to write a blog with one entry per day. That would be awful.

This is a picture of Crosby Beach again. Whatever you think about Anthony Gormley this is a fantastic thing to see. You may have guessed this by the fact that there are so many pictures on this photoblog, so am glad they are still there despite there was a risk last year that they would be moved. I believe Sefton Council paid to keep the statues there which I think is a good thing.

0 comments have been left19:00 16 Dec 2007Tags: crosby statue sea gormley beach
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