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Sea's Pictures

German Fort
German Fort (Canon PowerShot SX230 HS)

All fun as usual, this time it's fun in Jersey. This picture is of the fort just of St Aubin. The sun is hot... ish and the wind is raging, the walls are thin but it's a pretty little bit of the country if you know what I mean. I have yet to venture out much other than St Aubin at the moment but that will happen in time. Not that there is too much of the island to be honest, though I did watch the adverts for Jersey before I left and I must admit I haven't yet seen where they were filmed so perhaps it's larger than I think. I must visit Town at one point and by that I mean St. Hellier. I alsomust see if I can get to the fort, which is walkable when the tide is out. Getting there isn't the problem, knowing you can get back is probably the issue.

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The Green Lagoon
The Green Lagoon (Orange San Francisco)

Welcome to Portals Vells a tranquil spot with clear waters and nothing but a cat (and the people you turned up with) for company. So, many hours of fun taking picture and listening to the people on the catamaran (OK there were people there but not many) singing Viva Espana... well we are only a matter of miles from Magaluf.

Prior to the we were at Valdemosa which should have been more impressive as it has a monastery where Chopin stayed however the most interesting thing was the town itself buried into the mountain with its hilly streets where cyclists stop to have a coffee to spur them up to the top.

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Shivering Sands not to tell what you 'eard
Shivering Sands not to tell what you 'eard (JVC Everio GZ-MS100)

Archive pics again, I know you love 'em with a pun attached too so here we go. This was taken near Sheerness, it's of the Shivering Sands Fort. This trip found the island that Sheerness is on to be interesting but strange. With one route in and out it seems quite busy with a holiday place too. We got lost a bit I remember but stopped to take this picture. For a better and closer look at these towers in the Thames Estuary then you can do no better than look at Joe Ruffles Flickr page. Well I say you can do no better, I am sure that going to see them yourself is better but apart from that they're pretty good.

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Herne Bay
Herne Bay (TYTN II)

With the sun out again it was time to head out to the beach because it appears that I was in possetion of far too much white skin apparently red or brown is preferable. So as the title suggested we popped down to Herne Bay which is just down from Reculver, a place we visited on Sunday. It's a smallish seaside town filled with people who sound like Ray Winston (when he's playing the part of Londoner which is all the time). Nothing much to report other than it was one of the places (the only place if the blurb is to be belived) that the bouncing bomb was tested and a place with not just one pier but two.

In this picture you can see both... Honest. The new one is obvious and not have friends trying to save it. We didn't look round it but it doesn't look like mutch. The old one is the small dark thing on the horizon and the only part left of it which is the pier head and apparently used to ttake passengers to France by boat of course but by the looks of it by the time they got there they would have travelled most of the 20 odd miles. Abandon in th early 1800's because of lack of interest and a deterioration of the structure this is all that remains.

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Green and Pleasant Beach
Green and Pleasant Beach (Minolta X500)

No this isn't a vision of Crosby beach if the humans had died out and the green green grass of home had encroached on the beach despite the fact that the opposite usually happens, no this is another scan mistake from the ION Negative scanner. Looks good though.

We went off to Crorby beach last month. This time it was the wrong time. The day before it was nice and sunny with reports of the next day being awful, and low as the weathermen said it happened. Yes they were right for once. Then when we were cold and ready to go back to the car, my daughter fell over... well I though she fell over. It looked like she was on her knees until it was pointed out to me her legs were not bent. So a rescue mission was started to extricate her from the mud. Once she was free the next mission was to free the wellies.

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Staring at the Sea
Staring at the Sea (Nisis DV5)

Busy again so more archive pictures I am afraid. Yes I am a dead loss at this weekly photoblog thing. Thank goodness I haven't decided to write a blog with one entry per day. That would be awful.

This is a picture of Crosby Beach again. Whatever you think about Anthony Gormley this is a fantastic thing to see. You may have guessed this by the fact that there are so many pictures on this photoblog, so am glad they are still there despite there was a risk last year that they would be moved. I believe Sefton Council paid to keep the statues there which I think is a good thing.

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Cadiz Town
Cadiz Town (QTEK 9100)

For those who think that Cadiz Town is a football club then here's the truth. This is a picture of the sprawl of Cadiz along the coast. The mad reach of Cadiz is a little daunting. You drive for ages after crossing the bridge through the town to get to the Cathedral. This is from the path to San Sebastian. It's a weird place and whilst I was there I never looked at a map, I have a GPS (my Wife) and only now do I realise that Cadiz is some sort of strange peninsularish thing. If you do click on the link, please zoom into San Sebastian, it's a fort. Now I have come home it's become more interesting. I just wish I knew that when I was there, instead I was tired of driving from Seville. There is a lesson there but I know that I will never learn it

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Cadiz from the Beach
Cadiz from the Beach (QTEK 9100)

Well not actually from the beach it's from a pier like thing that joins to a fort on the beach. I still maintain the beach thing because I could have easily thrown myself over the side of the pier and hit dry(ish) land. The fort was closed which was a way off. We got half way only to see the closed gates at which point I took this and we turned back.

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Staring Out to Sea
Staring Out to Sea (Nisis DV5)

On the way back home we dropped in on Crosby where we were just lucky enough to get enough light for a few pictures. It could have easily gone wrong as there didn't seem to be any signs for the beach at Crosby or even any sign that you were in Crosby. So by a little luck and design we headed for the sun with the vague idea that we were going in the right direction. Of course this assumed that Crosby has a beach facing West.

Getting trapped the wrong side of the train tracks we did make it there to see Antony Gormley's statues staring out to sea. They do appear a little strange and I'm not sure I like the idea, don't get me wrong I don't hate them, part of me does really like them but there's another side that just feels like they are one heck of a health and safety nightmare, not that I should be concerned with such things.

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Cleveleys Beach
Cleveleys Beach (Sony Ericsson K700i)

What could be more relaxing than spending the afternoon on Cleveleys beach, well perhaps not spending the afternoon on Cleveleys beach and being papmered by people tending to my every need. Due to the shortage of pamperers, it's Cleveleys beach for me.

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