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November's Pictures

Slow Accident Warning
Slow Accident Warning (Nikon D5000)

Another disappointing visit to Jodrell Bank. I know I shouldn't be so upset at them, they have work to do which was quite evident when they were rotating the dish, however as my Wife said, it's a place we go every so often hoping it would be better only to be disappointed again. I'm like that with Blackpool but I think I finally took the hint from my previous visits that it was never a place I would enjoy despite the years of it being fantastic when I was a kid. Either I have changed or Blackpool has and I think it's a little of both.

Anyway is it bigger now but still as uninspired as it was last time. I am sure that when I was a kid you used to be able to control a dish to find the Sun, yes the Sun... how interesting is that... well when you think about it it's not because finding the sun is quite easy, just divert you eyes to the sky, but when you control a blinking dish then yes it's damn fun.

So to the pic. This has to go in the daft signs collection. So you have to proceed SLOWLEY... is that so that you have a slow and interesting crash? Surely it must be carefully. Personally I don't think that heavy vehicles will be travelling that fast so caution and speed would be the best option but SLOWLEY? It's a narrow track too so they'll be small and heavy. If you do have a “crash” would you ring the emergency services and tell them that they should take half an hour because the crash might just be finished by then?

0 comments have been left22:35 28 Nov 2012Tags: sign jodrell dish telescope
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Rome Skyline
Rome Skyline (Nikon D5000)

It was the Vatican and the Cistine Chappel today since it was closed yesterday. Of course since it was closed yesterday it was twice as busy today which made it hard going. I think the main problem with it is that there is so much hype about it so when you do get to see it after all the effort, queues and crowds, it all appears to be a little bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong the Cistine chappel is impressive but because it was at the end of the tour I sort of wanted to get gone. Mind you a walk along the river at around sunset as the starlings were turning tricks in the sky was much more acceptable. The picture is of a sillohete of the skyline to the left of Peter's Basilica, unfortunately due to the brightnes of the scene the Auto Focus didn't do it's job and IT failed to notice so it is slitly out of focus, still I like it so here it is.

0 comments have been left20:08 2 Nov 2012Tags: silhouette rome sunset skyline
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Peters Basilica
Peters Basilica (Nikon D5000)

It has been a really busy day today. What with yesterday being called off with rain and it mainly being a shoping expedition, the rush w on to see as much as we ciuld so we were of to St Peter's Basilica which was huge and impresive and this is the outside of it. They had quite weird comfessionals that allowed everyone to se the person confessing, which I thought wasn't the point, however we witnesed a service and tried to go to the museum only to find that it was closed today.

Needless to say this this being Rome there was plenty to see and so we headed of fir the Trevi Fountain which was huge. I must admit I don't recall seeing any pictures of it beforehand ans perhaps I am the only peron on the planet in that respect but it was impressive and larger than I had expected, thou I could have done with less people being there, nit there IS surspect there is any time of the day that this is true. Anyway back to the photo. It's of St Peter's Square and the building is the Basilica. I also have lots of bad pictures of the inside too if you're interested.

0 comments have been left20:09 1 Nov 2012Tags: basilica rome st peter vatican
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