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Basilica's Pictures

Peters Basilica
Peters Basilica (Nikon D5000)

It has been a really busy day today. What with yesterday being called off with rain and it mainly being a shoping expedition, the rush w on to see as much as we ciuld so we were of to St Peter's Basilica which was huge and impresive and this is the outside of it. They had quite weird comfessionals that allowed everyone to se the person confessing, which I thought wasn't the point, however we witnesed a service and tried to go to the museum only to find that it was closed today.

Needless to say this this being Rome there was plenty to see and so we headed of fir the Trevi Fountain which was huge. I must admit I don't recall seeing any pictures of it beforehand ans perhaps I am the only peron on the planet in that respect but it was impressive and larger than I had expected, thou I could have done with less people being there, nit there IS surspect there is any time of the day that this is true. Anyway back to the photo. It's of St Peter's Square and the building is the Basilica. I also have lots of bad pictures of the inside too if you're interested.

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Basilica San Marco
Basilica San Marco (TYTN II)

From the balcony of the basilica you can get a better view of St Marks Square this time with huge shadows cast. We had to come back here, for a start our boat home leaves quite near here. Also all the pictures I had taken yesterday with the Minolta were all taken at a fixed exposure by accident so I was pretty sure most of them would turn out poor, so I wanted to come back and take more. I always feel that there is a strong relationship between how much you are looking forward to the pictures and the severity of the bungle you have just made during all of them, the worst bungle of all is only finding out afterwards that you had no film in the camera.

Today's jaunt was a trip to the ghetto which resides in the most attractive part of Venice, apparently. The ghetto was where the Venetian Jews lived and so there were a couple of second world memorials and little else of note.

Today the opposite was true than of yesterday. We elected to take the water bus that then stopped frequently whereas the walk back appeared to be shorter. Perhaps we will get it right at some point. The water bus ride would have been more comfortable than the walk but for the fact that I decided to film the whole trip. By the time we got off my hands were frozen. I popped into the train station to warm my hands on a hand dryer which was a painful experience, silly boy.

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