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March's Pictures

Chatsworth Half Viaduct
Chatsworth Half Viaduct (Nikon D5300)

I suspect if I read things then I would know what this really was but I don't so I have no idea what this partial viaduct is within the ground of Chatsworth, but it is pretty as the viaduct stops and the water cascades off onto the rocks below. I did try to get a long exposure of the water on the rocks below using an ND filter but that failed all because the sun was hitting the lens which made all the pictures turn out rubbish, which is a pitty because I think they would have been OK.

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Barrow Hill Roundhouse
Barrow Hill Roundhouse (Nikon D5300)

A quick trip out today to give the car a run out and to see what's up at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse the last roundhouse in the UK apparently and it's not even round, but it does have a few trains there. However there's really not a great deal to walk around. I does appear to be a working train yard that you can walk around. When I say a working train yard, it is probably open and working every weekend which is when the public can go an see what's there, but within 40 minutes I was on my way out, so don't expect to spend a great deal of time where.

This picture would have been better of the guy was facing me and was nearer and it wasn't so dark, but I got the effect that I was looking for with the sparks leaving streaks which I liked, however it wasn't as straight forward as you might think to get it right, but I shan't bore you with the detail.

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The Scream
The Scream (Nikon D5300)

Chester Zoo was the location last weekend. It was overcast and cold, so why not spend the whole day out of doors.. The butterfly house was a challenge as usual in as much as the camera was cold and the house was warm and humid, so everything misted up until the camera came up to temperature, oh and the fact that I don't really like the random way that butterflys randomly flit about as if they're not sure where they're going.

Here we have the lion pen, where there was a lion and two lionesses. I was just watching what was going on, and saw this little girl initially roaring a the lioness. Anyway, I decided to get a picture with the lioness and the girl in frame hoping to get the girl roaring. Little did I know that soemthing had changed and when I got home I saw this picture.

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