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Stone's Pictures

Stolpersteines (Nikon D5300)

Apparently these are all over the place in Germany as well as in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Norway and Ukraine, however so far I have only seen them in Colgne, not that my knowledge of German is at all extensive, even so it seems a very noble idea in some ways, though I'm not sure that Germans need any more reminders of the Nazis, but it does bring it home to you when you walk down a street and find group of four like this that could have been from the same family and you look at the building it was outside of and it appears to be a residential building that could have been there in the 20s and 30s.

Of course I haven't explained anything so whilst you might have guessed, I haven't really explained what this is about. To be honest I won't do too much of that, I'll let their website do it, but in short they give the last known address of someone who was a victim of the Nazis. The site doesn't explain much more, but in this case I think they al escaped to the USA, needless to say not all of the stones have the same fate.

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Hagar Qim
Hagar Qim (Nikon D5300)

Todays trip was to the ancient temple of Hagar Qim. it's an interesting place, but to protect it, it is covered in a tarpaulin, which sort or ruins any picures that you might want to take. Well I think so anyway. Mind you the way the light is at this time of year, the sky would cause a few problems I suspect, so you can't in with me can you.

Anyway, I think some of the stones here raised more questions than provided answers, some stones were perhaps a way to guage the time of year using stars and marks made in the stones, I'm assuming this isn't the case with this one, I'm assuming this is purely decorativebut who knows.

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Just Say Ahh
Just Say Ahh (FujiFilm FinePix 1600)

On a trip tp Arley Hall I took this. I wouldn't mind but I waited a while until there was nobody in shot. I was trying out the Macro mode on the camera and the suddenly someone appered, so I changed my angle and took the shot like a bad marksman. You can see her arm on the right.

The picture is of a lamb stone sculpture around a fountain at Arley Hall.

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Town Hall Twist
Town Hall Twist (Nisis DV5)

Now this is something that I have wanted to take a picture after finding it there. Now believe it or not I say I found it, I don't really mean it, and if you live in Manchester or are at least acquainted with Manchester then you either know this already or will be surprised to find that you have missed this item. This believe it or not is on the side of the Town Hall offices. Working in Manchester I only noticed this piece about 6 months ago and now every time I look at it it brings a smile to my face. First because I like it but second because I feel that there are a lot of people like me who walked past it without knowing it was there because we just didn't really look up. It's not exactly like it's hidden being so big, and you don't have to go down a side street to find it and there are two of them both on the side of the offices that face the Library. I like it and I'd like to get a good picture of itto do it justice. Ah well never mind.

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