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Seaside's Pictures

Kids Kites and Bettystown
Kids Kites and Bettystown (QTEK 9100)

After a long long drive to Bettystown to see the sea. We drove to Bettystown and saw the sea and it was cold and wet. There was little else to do apart from take a picture of this sculpture and have a go in the arcade which was surprisingly large despite the small size of the town. So 20EUR later we left the arcade and moved on.

0 comments have been left16:13 12 Feb 2008Tags: bettystown seaside kite statue ireland
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Southport Pier
Southport Pier (QTEK 9100)

Today's outing was to Southport. Like so many seaside towns they do seem a little sad in the winter and with the car park we stopped at being right next to the closed Pleasureland that didn't help the gloomy feel you get from some seaside towns. Of course when you trip around the rest of Southport it doesn't seem to have done it harm (Pleasureland's closure I mean) but then again it seems slightly more wealthy than Fleetwood or Morecambe for that matter which probably helps.

This picture is from the end of the Pier where a rather useless tram runs from to the start of the town and back. The building on the left is the café on the end of the pier. But it all seems an ultra-modern affair for a pier when you compare this to Llandudno or Blackpool.

0 comments have been left19:59 28 Dec 2006Tags: southport seaside beach pier
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