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May's Pictures

Dakota DC-3
Dakota DC-3 (Nikon D5300)

We took a trip out for a couple of days around and about Bridlington, and as we turned up to the place we were staying we chanced upon a sign that said that the next day was the Driffield Vintage Air Show and Fair, or something like that anyhow. Now how you can call it an air show with three aircraft with one being a replacement then I don't know, but then again I think I have always been spoilt by the regular trips to Woodford Air Show, however I shouldn't complain too much with the bill comprising of a Hurricain, Spitfire and a Lancaster. The Lancaster being replaced by a Dakota.

So after looking at vintage cars and 2 or three vintage sets of stalls and a car boot, we had about 20-30 minutes of the air show of which this is the Dakota. When it was in the air I realised that the back door was open, but I didn't know that there was a bloke in the doorway waving which you can only see when you zoom in.

0 comments have been left18:47 26 May 2015Tags: driffield dakota aircraft wwii
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Not The Amazing Kreskin
Not The Amazing Kreskin (Nikon D5300)

When I was a kid, the face that showed up on the telly when the Amazing Kreskin came on, scared the heck out of me, and it wasn't that scary. I shall have to find in into to see how I fare now. But to be honest this face from Burghley House's sculpture garden isn't exactly a nice one, and they have two. Whilst I have heard of the uncanny valley, this isn't even close to that, it's just sort of ot nice.

Despite this, they do have a few other installations that are interesting like the Pac Man one that I stumbled upon, I personally liked it because it was fun and just something out of ordinary... not that a 10ft face mask isn't. Still the house is nice to visit and the gardens are pretty impressive what with the surprising part, which is a little bit of a Italianesque formal garden with something a bit different. If you're in the area it's definitely worth the trip.

0 comments have been left20:17 10 May 2015Tags: face burghley trees mask
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A Mini Revolution
A Mini Revolution (Nikon D5300)

We were out in Snetterton this weekend and it was a Mini whitewash. We saw 2 Mini qualifying sessions and two Mini races along with other stuff such as Karts on a real circuit and they were flying.

To be honest the two Mini races were really pretty impressive, with the guys at the front running really closefor much of the race, and some daring moves happeining on the outsides of the corners.

To highlight the depths to which the Mini divers were going, if they were committed at Agostini then the front left would lift into the corner with the back left lifting on the double apex corner, as you can see, we have a pair of rear lifters which I think is an easier job than having the front left lift as at the same time as keeping control of the whole situation.

0 comments have been left21:40 9 May 2015Tags: mini snetterton racing cars
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