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April's Pictures

Marble Staircase
Marble Staircase (QTEK 9100)

Here's the entrance at the Trafford Centre, pretty impressive I think, looks better in real life and would of course have been better if the lens was a little wide angled which I would have had with a proper camera and not the QTEK. Up above is one heck of an impressive chandelier. It's strange though having this rather impressive staircase for somewhere that just has average shops. I did have a better picture of the chandelier but my rather impressive camera skills lead me to have my finger in shot. As you can see from the picture, I'm not the only one taking pictures of bits of the stairs.

The great thing about the Trafford Centre's arcade are the dodgems. Much fun was had in the small rink they have with dodgems that go way too fast. In these buckling yourself up is really necessary and a load of fun for £2.50, a small price to pay to skid around (not something you can do on the larger outdoor rinks) and find yourself physically out of your seat after a collision or two.

0 comments have been left21:25 28 Apr 2007Tags: chandelier trafford hall marble
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Oh the Excuses Come Thick and Fast
Oh the Excuses Come Thick and Fast (QTEK 9100)

I can see by the amount of archive pics that you're thinking I'm winding down, it's all excuse after excuse after excuse for no more pictures, but since no-one reads this (except for the obvious) I have no public to answer to. Hoorah I am free from the shackles of updating the site due to lack of popularity.

This picture I like. Don't think that when there is nothing doing that I just slap any old picture up this is not the truth. I check my archive and look at what I have regarding all the digital photos I have and in a special exception I'll go through some 35mm.

This picture is rather special because it's a picture taken by my Daughter. Only 5 at the time with no idea how to take a picture then and now we get this gem. Well I like it. It's probably not intentional at all but I like the clouds in the background with the Monkey nets in a skewed Network 7 angle. It's Chester Zoo by the way.

0 comments have been left20:15 20 Apr 2007Tags: chester daughter
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Town Hall Twist
Town Hall Twist (Nisis DV5)

Now this is something that I have wanted to take a picture after finding it there. Now believe it or not I say I found it, I don't really mean it, and if you live in Manchester or are at least acquainted with Manchester then you either know this already or will be surprised to find that you have missed this item. This believe it or not is on the side of the Town Hall offices. Working in Manchester I only noticed this piece about 6 months ago and now every time I look at it it brings a smile to my face. First because I like it but second because I feel that there are a lot of people like me who walked past it without knowing it was there because we just didn't really look up. It's not exactly like it's hidden being so big, and you don't have to go down a side street to find it and there are two of them both on the side of the offices that face the Library. I like it and I'd like to get a good picture of itto do it justice. Ah well never mind.

0 comments have been left19:37 8 Apr 2007Tags: manchester hall stone platt
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Manchester from the 23rd
Manchester from the 23rd (Nisis DV5)

A picture from the Executive Lounge on the 23rd floor of the Hilton hotel in Manchester. A bit of a misty day in some respects. Off in the distance you can see the Town Hall, the Midland Hotel and the Raddison. In the foreground there's GMEX and in the middle you can actually see into the top of the Library, though it's not very clear on this photo. The picture doesn't do the view justice, but it's weirdly not that frightening being so high up. Since everything looks so far away it's almost impossible to comprehend which is good. There were a few moments I felt uncomfortable but on the whole it was quite interesting. It's a pity we didn't go back up to the Longe when it was dark, it would have been interesting but there was a Jacuzzi to try, a TV in the bathroom to play with and a mini bar to raid and I didn't want to spread myself too thin..

0 comments have been left19:30 8 Apr 2007Tags: hotel gmex
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Hole in the Floor
Hole in the Floor (Nisis DV5)

Not a great picture I must admit, but then again Zamyatin is not all about great pictures as you can tell, this time it's about a bad picture of a hole in the floor. This hole is actually 23 floors up in the Hilton hotel in Manchester looking down at the street below where the Spanish language Institute is. Like I say, not a great picture so there's nothing much to say really apart from this was taken from the Executive Lounge. I don't know if there are any other holes anywhere in the 23rd floor for people have a look at how high they are up I just noticed this one.

0 comments have been left19:21 8 Apr 2007Tags: hole hotel hilton
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