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Rocca Borromeo
Rocca Borromeo (Nikon D5000)

As unimaginative as the title suggests, this is where we found ourselves today. After a thunderstorm rumbled and rumbled from 5am, there was little to do other than stay indoors or get wet, preferring neither of these we attempted to find a place that might afford some shelter, so Rocca Borromeo it was, I am sure the views would have been more impressive if it weren't for the rain that you could see rolling in from miles off as a big band of fine mist, and the continued claps of thunder didn't add to the atmosphere especially when one appeared to trip a circuit breaker killing power to the place. Still if it weren't for the weather then we probably wouldn't have had the brief and hurried visit to the doll museum with all its slightly scary splendor.

0 comments have been left17:59 2 Aug 2014Tags: italy Rocca borromeo lake vine
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All's Vine for Now
All's Vine for Now (Sony Ericsson K700i)

A new arrival a grape vine. What's going to happen to it no-one knows. There are grapes there, but they were on it when it was bought. Seen some new growth, who knows. I have this stupid wish to see it fill all three sides of the garden... it'll never survive winter. That's not a scarecrow, it's my daughter. The shot was worked out quite well, waiting for the sun to cast a shadow, getting my daughter in the correct place. It's the execution that let it down.

0 comments have been left20:14 6 Aug 2005Tags: vine home gardens
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