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Spire's Pictures

Ahoy the Spire of Lloyd
Ahoy the Spire of Lloyd (QTEK 9100)

Built in 1791 this mock lighthouse served as a viewing platform for the hunt or the races. It's a pity but there is no access the the public now, or at least when we went there. It appears to be a telecoms tower now which seems a waste. I'm sure there would be a cheaper and easier way to put a telecoms tower up on the outskirts of Oldcastle.

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Platt Spire
Platt Spire (QTEK 9100)

This isn't really much of a picture but I thought that I needed to take it. We were out at Platt Fileds as you might know (yes it's a blog and you should have read the previous posts... sorry I shouldn't berate new readers who join in the middle then leave disappointed). It's a picture of the spire of the church on the edge of Platt Fields.

What is strange about the spire is that it's not part of the main body of the building, that's not to say that it's disconnected but it's offset which is a little strange. I don't have a picture of that which thinking now is wrong, mind you there was not that much space to take a picture and show what the church looks like.

Just for the camera fans out there, this was taken with the QTEK and most pictures of the sky were blasted out by the sky so much that you couldn't see the end of the spire.

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Mullingar Cathedral
Mullingar Cathedral (Nisis DV5)

On a quick trip out for the day we ended up at Mullingar. Nothing much there open unless you fancy a pint and so far from home I didn't. The only other thing there was the Cathedral which if you haven't guessed from the title, this is a picture of it. As usual it's only after you take your picture do you see a postcard with a picture taken at a better angle but then again that's what postcard picture takers are paid to do I suppose.

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16:16 29 Jul 2007Tags: cathedral mullingar spire
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