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River's Pictures

Stan Brewster's Bridge
Stan Brewster's Bridge (Pentax Optio 50)

Not a great day for pictures. It was overcast and not very bright which gives a sort of overall lighting that provides no depth to anything, despite this we went to Torr just for a walk out. I think this picture at least gives you some depth. The picture here is Stan Brewster's Millennium Walkway. It's a really impressive walkway that swings round giving you a great view of the mill in the left of the picture. I did take some pictures of the mill but to be honest because of the light it was difficult but they may see the light of day on a busy weekend when I don't take any pictures. There is a plaque at the end of the bridge that explains that 5 years after finishing the bridge Stan Brewster was killed in the bombings in London on July 7th.

Also nearby there are remains of another mill and right next door what I would call a backward Archimedes Screw. Normally used for moving water uphill this Archimedes Screw is used to supply half the power requirements of the Coop. Water pours in the top and drives the screw around generating energy. If you want more info then you can if you really want to read the Screw's Blog though I think you have to be pretty interested to keep going back.

Update For those interested here is the Plaque at one side of the bridge.

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Imperial War Museum Again
Imperial War Museum Again (QTEK 9100)

This weekend we went to the the Lowry but from across from the Lowry you can get a great picture of the Imperial War Museum. It's not a bad shot, but then again there were so many shots I could have got with a better camera of the War Museum and the Lowry. I didn't have much time to look around the outside of the Lowry but I did spy one shot I could have got if I'd have had a zoom lens which of course wouldn't have fitted onto the QTEK and I may as well forget the digital zoom because all that does is kill the picture quality. Why did I not bring the camera bag.

On a different note I have started to take my waterproof camera on every bike trip. A strange thing to do you might think, but one one day back from work I saw a couple of kids running around a jet of water springing from ground in Ardwick on my way home. If I'd have had a camera I'd have been able to take a shot, but I didn't used to take a camera because it rains every so often when I ride to work. Problems solved, waterproof camera in my rucksack, that should insure that nothing interesting ever happens on my trips in and out of work.

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The Irwell
The Irwell (Sony Ericsson K700i)

The river Irwell, nothing much of interest in many ways. The last couple of days have been a little hazy and this sort of highlights this.

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