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Engine's Pictures

Trencherfield Mill Engine
Trencherfield Mill Engine (Nikon D5300)

I can't remember when I did it but I heard about Trencherfield mill and heard that they have one steam day a month, what I didn't know is that the only thing at the mill is the engine and it opens for 45 minutes twice on those steam days, however I'm not sure if it's open other Sundays. So it was completely by chance that when we turned up, we arrived sufficiently close enough to it's opening time to hang about and wait. It could all have gone horribly wrong even primed with the knowledge that today was a steam day.

Intricacies of getting to see the engine aside, it's quite interesting and impresive, however if you don't like engines then there's nothing else to see to be honest, but seeing the engine drive the 20 ton flywheel with all it's 2000 horse power is an impressive sight with non of this behind a safety barrier nonsense. As soon as it was up to speed, you are invited to have a loom around the engine when it's running, hence this picture, and for those who care about photography, this was also my first attempt at shooting in raw format, or rather the camera quite nicely has produces a default jpg file and a raw file, so for those where the jpg is quite adequate then I'll take that one, but when they are a little off, then you can use the raw file to do a few refinements which is what I did with this one.

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Anson Engine Museum
Anson Engine Museum (FujiFilm FinePix 1600)

Off out this week to test my new FinePix 1600 at the Anson Engine Museum. Not too many good pictures unfortunately so it's not a great place to take pictures unless of course you're a hardened engine head which I think the people who turned up at the same time as us were because one of them turn around to me and said “Do you have many engines?” not really understanding the question becase it initially sounded absurd assumed he wanted to know if the museum had many engines so simply said “Yeah they have loads of different types here” thinking it was a daft question to pose only to be faced with the absurd question again “No, do you have many engines?” and that's when it hit me that to him this was not an absurd question. I was pretty sure that answering “yes I have 2, a Proton 1.6 and a Ford 1.4” was not what he was after.

Anyway back to the museum. It's an interesting place with a guide that starts up the engines and well worth a visit if you're in the area. None of the engines are huge beasts that are half as impressive as the machine in Astley Green Colliery but that would be pretty hard to beat however the guide did mentioned that they were planning to bring in a larger machine as an exhibit.

Well with none of the pictures really turning out that good, I'll have to leave you with this shot of a turn of the century Poynton. I selected Macro mode which to be honest works fantastically but I never got down close enough to the ground to actually get the feel of actually being there. Of course now Poynton looks a bit different though not greatly different to be honest.

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