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October's Pictures

Union Flag or Jack
Union Flag or Jack (Nikon D5000)

Yes still decoration to nothing much has been done otherwise but today there was a little bit of a rest-bite because of my Daughter's party and the fact that I think we were really bored with decorating so it was a trip to the hat museum in Stockport for us as a special treat. For those in the know it happens to be in the old arcade in Stockport just near Chestergate. To be honest Stockportt is a strange place with the A6 sitting 2 floors above Chestergate which can be a little disorientating, add to the fact that I've not been to Stockport for many years so the new places that have sprung up are a bit of a surprise.

As far as the party, that was at the Chill Factore where we did some tubing. It was OK but after the third or fourth run you did have to wonder how longer we had to do it. Perhaps the luge next time.

The Hat Museum was OK too, nothing special, I suspect it would be better on any other day than a quiet day and with a guide as the turn the machines on if you have a guided tour.

This picture is of a Mini with a Union Jack/Flag roof that I thought looked good. I don't know why the mini was there because I'm pretty sure I couldn't see any signs to say why but hey that doesn’t stop me taking a picture.

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This Charming Man
This Charming Man (Nikon D5000)

After a few weeks on decoration and dispair... well it looks like everything has to start with a d so let's hope next doesn't start with dysentery I haven't been out for a bit so I have an archive pic for you. I say I haven't been out but I have. Work still sees me, so I haven't done an “Office Space” and decided not to turn up don't worry about that, the bills still keep telling me that I need to get paid so I can still continue to pay my hosting provider and keep the good ship Zamyatin on course... for where I have no idea.

Anyhow this is a pic from Beaumaris in Anglesey, in fact it's the Beaumaris Gaol (Jail in modern spelling and it is pronounced the same, please don't tell me it's pronounced Goal like a few people tried to tell me). It's pretty interesting for such a small place but the website doesn't do it justice. If you do go get an audio commentary but try not to get confused with the room numbers... you will but try not to. Still it's odd being such a small town and having such a place there if you know what I mean but then again I suspect they were more commonplace in that there was a gaol in Belle Vue just near the Speedway further information about can be found in what seems like D A Radclifefe's Belle Vue Prison Page.

Back to the plot, the pic is of a man scribed into the window of the work house, I believe it was the women’s workhouse. In fact this wasn't the only image scratched into the glass -just the most interesting- there were names and years of sentences and someone had dug into the ground too, so not much work going on those days I assume.

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