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January's Pictures

Gordons Alive
Gordons Alive (Nikon D5000)

Its was Autosport show this weekend at the NEC. It's nice to get out now and then. This time it as more or less the same as last year so it wasn't that exciting, though it was interesting to see the touring car drivers being interviewed about next years cars which of course are pretty dull for anyone reading this hear, even more dull than me trying to explain how the pictures were taken.

As usual there were the Lycra clad women sporting very little else other than their implants which of course was uncomfortable for me accompanied by a Wife and a near to pubescent Daughter, and it seemed worse than last year. This year however there wasn't the joy of seeing David Coulthard and Paul di Resta at dinner, though I was close enough to touch Sir Jackie Stuart.

Anyway back to the pic which is pretty hum drum and a picture of (Flash) Gordon Shedden's touring car.

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High Speed
High Speed (Canon PowerShot SX230 HS)

Todays outing was to the Blue Planet Aquarium which I was looking forward to but just like Blackpool your memories of it are better to stay just as that... memories. Never go back. After a payment of over forty of your English pounds the sights were few. Perhaps I have been spoilt by The Deep which is a brilliant world of the sea rather than the small Cafe which is the Blue Planet. Of course I could go back to The Deep and think exactly the same.

Anyway, to the picture. It was taken from my new camera, the rather average Cannon Powershot SX230 HS, which is a rather catchy title I think, it was a 1 second shot from the Cannon on the home journey which doesn't have any coordinates from the GPS in the EXIF as I would have hoped for but perhaps it's just a Cannon thing and perhaps I really need to mess with their drivers... I was hoping otherwise.

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Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer (Samsung Galaxy S)

After a much needed trip out after so much of the week being spent indoors out of nothing other than laziness we ended up in Leeds, initially to see Temple Newsam which was OK but probably would have been better if the weather was better and more of it was open. At the time there was a wedding in the Great Hall which would have been good to see (the hall not the wedding). It does make you wonder why they allow visitors into the hall if they can't see all of it, despite that they do insist that you get charged full price, so I suspect if you go then you might want to check. Anyway like I say on a cold day there was nothing much happening and so we left to go shopping in Leeds for some reason. When we parked up this greeted us at the back of the building we parked behind. Some inventive clockfacery action was going on.

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