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December's Pictures

Towering Eye-full
Towering Eye-full (Nikon D5000)

Yesterday caused a lot of walking from one place to another, but the main aim was the Eiffel Tower which we got to quite quickly but of course the queues were another thing. Last time I was there it was free to walk up the tower (well the first two stages anyway), this time there was a queue to pay which my Wife and Daughter decided to do so my Mum and I went for a coffee.

One and a half hours later they were down and we were all walked out after walking up to the Trocadero and back, even so we headed back to the Arc De Triomphe. From there we experienced the French McDonalds which was so packed that it turned fast food into daft stupid queuing for food luckily they had some nice automated things that people didn't like to use which made it quicker.

So from busy French McDonalds to the Hilton where they have a bubble bar, a place that looked huge until we got there and we looked at it and left. Yes it was impressive but it wasn't on the go when we got there and it was all so much smaller than it seemed in the picture and then off home. A pretty huge circuit by many standards.

Back to the pic, I think you can guess that.

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Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur (Samsung Galaxy S)

A full day walking today and not juston the flat. The Sacre Coeur is quite high in fact it is overone third the way up the Blackpool Tower copy and is higher than the Arc de Triomph is tall so there's a bit of a climb and moat of that is saved tk the very end. Despite this we all made the trip and got there jn one piece it had impreasive views whixh would have been better on a clearer day. Don't get me wrong you could see for miles but as usual the sky wasn't completely clear so there was a haze that make taking photos challenging. Still the church was impressive but since there were services on for Christmas it was packed and I did feel like we were intruding, still a good dag out nonetheless. So you can guess where this picture is from.

Santa was back out with his Police escort around the streets of Paris and all that leaves tonight for is a slap up meal as the Beano or Dandy would describe it. It doesn't realy feel like Chriatmas mainly because so much is open and there are so many people about. Back home most people will be in their houses putting up with another repeat of Only Fools and Horses.

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All I Want for Christmas is Yule
All I Want for Christmas is Yule (Samsung Galaxy S)

It's been tiring. Flying to Paris then spending the same amount on the taxi to the hotel as it cost to fly one person to Paris, then a hike down the Champs-Élysées.... It's a hard life. The only problem that may face us is whether anything will be open tomorrow but that worry can be left for tomorrow.

We saw Santa twice, once with his sleigh coasting between two masts and then later on having a Police escort which was a bit if a surprise. However back to the pic, here's a sight we saw on the way to tea at a Chinese Restaurant. I must admit I would love to put a compilation of graffiti together but I just never see it so I was so impressed thag I had caught this one.

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Been a long time been a long time
Been a long time been a long time (Nikon D5000)

What with decorating I have had little time to take pictures or be bothered to be quite honest. So this is an archive pic from the Hat Museum at Stockport, a bit of symmetry and organisation in a world that fails in both of those.

I would love to tell you that I have had some wonderful exploits but that would be wrong, however bear with me and over Christmas, pics might be aplenty.

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