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What Sort of People Are They
What Sort of People Are They (Nexus 4)

I must admit, I may have decided to stay at home this weekend if I had known what was on the cards, but my crystal ball was broken so I blindly booked a hotel only to get charged twice for it and to find that the people I booked it with were more interested in taking the money for the room they forgot to do... well... much else other than that. At least we were expected, well two of us were and that's about all they could be bothered doing. I can understand it's very difficult when you're dealing in over-priced hotel rooms, you don't want to guarantee anything for someone who has decided to pay a premium for it. Perhaps I should have just stuck to the ultra reliable cheap as chips Premier Travel Lodge Inn. You at least know what you're going to get and that they are going to take your money just the once.

In the interests of trying to keep everyone happy I made sure that the hotel had a pool so your cheap as chips variety was out for that specific reason. This was so that my not so little little one could have a paddle each morning before being bored by the constant stream of sights to see. So off we went to the pool only to be greeted by this sign. All pretty standard apart from item 3. That definitely caused me to double take. In fact I can't imagine why would would have to put that so high up the pecking order of things not to do if you have to have it in the list at all. What sort of people use this pool that need to be told that? Do they also need to be shown the designated pooing place too? It did make me wonder whether the pool was now a safe place to enter what with the problems with rules in general. After all if there's a rule for it then there will surely be a percentage of people breaking it despite a sign telling them that perhaps the toilet is the best place.

0 comments have been left17:59 22 Apr 2013Tags: sign pool toilet
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