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Rain's Pictures

Lyme Drops
Lyme Drops (Orange San Francisco)

After tense negotiations with my daughter over how many pieces of bread she wanted for a sandwich broken down I hit the roof and the UN were called. Since the UN didn't think this was an issue of national importance they declined (how wrong they were) and I went back to slamming a ham sandwich together, yes slamming. Just a note for casual readers, there is no point in slamming a ham sandwich together, the most sound a slammed sandwich can make is a pathetic slapping sound which is no good for a tortured soul.

So with the conflict downgraded to guerilla war I plodded through to the lounge where I found that because of the sandwich crisis I had missed the start of one of if not the best spectacle in Formula 1... the Monaco Grand Prix. The only other contenders are Spa Francorchamps and Brazil, all for different reasons. Needless to say that this capped the day off to a tee.

So with the options of throttling members of my family (in a Homer vs Bart way) or going to Lyme Park I decided to choose the path that involves least criminal sentences.

So to the pic. This is one where at last the Orange San Francisco finally kicks out a cracking shot. It really does seem weird that smartphone cameras are pretty rubbish in general but get up close and get the light right and the pictures are pretty fantastic... well I think so, another example is a really close up picture of a baby frog which again was so close I was an inch or two off the frog, similarly here I was so close that I was in danger of darkening the picture with the shadow of the phone itself, luckily the day was so overcast that there was no danger of a shadow so I was probably able to get closer than on a sunny day... but then again on a sunny day there would be less chance of rain really. So bonus points for the San Francisco.

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A View from the Arcade
A View from the Arcade (Nisis DV5)

The Hotel in Camelot being an old style hotel and by that I mean it has lots of nooks and crannies to have look in, it has entertainments, several bars, suites, restaurants and more twists and turns from your reception to your room that you would take on an average commute (these are not bad things please note I like these sorts of things, also make it more interesting when you're three sheets and trying to get back to your room). Incidentally after hiring a Sherpa to help us to the room we found that we were only ten yards (line of sight) from where we started, if only we could go through brick the trip would have been much shorter, just probably less fun. Even then there was a shorter route than that which we were given.

Anyway this is a view from the games arcade with air(flow) football or whatever you call it which was played muchly along with the other arcade games and then as you can see in the picture, this happened, so we had to stay put and play a few games. As usual on quite hot and sunny days it was a quick hammering and it stopped dried and external activities were resumed.

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