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Paestum's Pictures

Great Balls of Paper
Great Balls of Paper (TYTN II)

What do you expect to see on the outside of an ancient Greek city in Italy? Yes that's right, a great big papier mache ball chained to a post. As if finding is the biggest and most pointless papier mache ball outside Paestum's side gets, imagine my surprise to find papiermache.co.uk a whole site dedicated to everything that is papier mache. I suppose natural questions are who made it? Why is it there? Is it around all the time? When was it created? And who created it?s Of course those questions could be asked of the ball in Paestum too.

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Neptune's House
Neptune's House (TYTN II)

Yes I know it's not his house at all, it's a Temple for Neptune set in Paestum and it's not Roman Greek. If our guide it to be belived then anything we consider Roman started here, yes here. That arena stuff with the Roamans? Here. Gladiator? Roman? No they started here too. Nastro Azzurro? Started here too, they found old fossilised beer cans. OK I'm joking about the Nastro. Paestum started as a Greek settlement taken by the Romans and finally lost in the nineth century only to be discovered nine centuries later when they build a road right through the middle of it. Full of the foundations of old buildings and the main bits of three a temples the later of which is this on built 450BC.

Next on to Paestum museum in the end we were completely Paestumed out so it was to lunch. Nearby Water Buffalo graze producing Buffalo Mozzarella, I'd have liked to see the Buffalo do this but instead we consumed their hard work. No course was complete without a dollop of the stuff whether it needed it or not. I was afraid to ask for the Chicken Rogan Josh. Needless to say I chose the Mozzarella and Ricotta Crepe and the Buffalo Panacotta.

Once fed and watered it was time to try and sleep off the food and Peroni with an Italian Job style drive on the twistly mountain roads back to Amalfi.

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