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Gateway Metrolink Station
Gateway Metrolink Station (Pentax Optio 50)

This particular place was found by accident. Today the aim was to get out of the house to attempt to avoid the immense building work going on in the house. The attempt today was to find a red plaque on Bank Street which is where Manchester United old ground was. After four drive pasts I decided that the security camera outside the Police Station would definitely have clocked me so decided to abort the trip and have a quick drive out. After about 10-15 minutes I came to Oldham Rd and saw this strange structure which is Gateway Metrolink Station. Not in use and probably never to be used it's set in rather sparse place right next to a rather new and clinical set of office blocks called Central Park which has a nice sign that gives it a vibrant feel, however the it's one of those places that has so few pedestrians and road traffic that it almost feels threatening. What's weird is that right next to the Metrolink line there is a railway line which makes you wonder what the Metrolink line would have actually be used for. I suspect the train line is for people who want to get to their destination now whereas the Metrolink will be for those who want to get to their destination at some point... this week.

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