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Garden's Pictures

Working the Land
Working the Land (Nikon D5000)

This chap is at Lord Byron's house and only now have a noticed two things about him. The first is that he sort of reminds me of Wilson Wilson from the Channel 4 series Utopia. The second thing that I noticed is that he's got a whacking great hole in the back of his head, but by the looks of the hole I think it's supposed to be there, but who knows. Let's just hope that the hole wasn't made by a spoon, or that you did it, because knowing Wilson Wilson he may take his time, but he'll get you back, even if it takes about two series to do so.

Anyway, less about TV and more about this. We were off to Nottingham to see some caves, however I think in the end we ended up seeing a set of steps that were covered over rather than actual caves, so I think I felt a little cheated, but the Gaol was good and the tour was interesting even if he start did end up with a bit too much audience participation that I was interested in. Luckily I didn't get dragged out to the front. Still Newstead Abbey is quite nice which is where Lord Byron lived. Quite a ordinary country house if you know what I mean, but would have been impressive to wake up every morning with the views. This character is one of four chiken wire sculptures that seem to be there for their own existence, and by that I mean they don't seem to be there to support some flowers. I think this one has a fork (in the gardening sense) and is doing some work.

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Punch the Sky
Punch the Sky (Nikon D5000)

This chap appears to be happy, and why not, its not raining. That's all really. It appears to be a strange state of affairs in Lake Maggiore that is has to be raining. When we landed there was thunder and lightening and we have had a spot of rain and seen a rainbox but to be honest we've not really seen that much rain, though this afternoon's trip back from Isola Bella did end with grey clouds and it remains to be overcast. Still given the option between here and work, there's no contest.

Today has been a three Island Tour, which was weird because with my hangover I was barely up for one island let alone full kahoona, not that there are only three islands, I know of at least 4 which probably means there are at least 8, still the idea of bobbing around on the lake to try and get to an island to see a garden seemed like and OK thing to do at the best of times, but when I was feeling like I was bobbing around on a lake to start with meant that I didn't really fancy adding the feeling of bobbing around on a lake to that original feeling (of bobbing around on a lake). Still we only made it to two islands which was a bonus, I was worried that my wife's ever present need to complete the set would take over from sense and we would end up dashing to the last island hard up against the last ferry leaving.

Anyway we (I) survived and we are no back in the hotel to mash that hangover or create another one. Just so you know, this is of at the top of the gardens in Isola Bella, I just liked the way the arch framed the statue as well as the air punch.

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