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Don't Touch Bombs
Don't Touch Bombs (JVC Everio GZ-MS100)

Another one to add to my signs collection. Not as daft as the rest but still a little daft. This is in Dungeness with the obligatory Wikipedia article which is pretty interesting so I recommend reading it.

It's a confusing trip to the headland, there are two roads and the one we took takes you down a really bad road past a military firing range which was a bit of a worry as we headed down the road because we the signs aren't exactly explicit, so perhaps someone's turned a couple around. Not wishing to be put off by a few signs we carried on only to find that we were being followed by a white van travelling over this really bumpy damaged road faster than we were. Naturally my first thought was that we were soon to be faced with a few angry military men. Luckily when we stopped we found that in actual fact we were on the right road. We had turned up at the coast which is a site of special scientific interest with fines for doing the wrong thing. It also turned out that the white van people were interested in what was at Dungeness like us and they disappeared soon after appearing. There's nothing much there really though the beach is tranquil if you have time for such things which at the time we didn't.

Anyway back to the sign. It's not a strange sign in itself. In fact it's pretty self explanatory unless you see the other signs that are there. Further down there's a sign to say that you should not enter the firing range which is pretty good advise really so in what way would I be staring at any military debris if I were to obey the first sign. Also bearing in mind they're talking about debris would I be able to distinguish military debris from other debris? Well I hope so. The other strange thing is that the site is only fenced off on three sides. Get to the beach and there's no fence. Mind you you'll have to be either really unlucky or really stupid to stray. It's not as if the range has been decommissioned because there are firing dates on one of the gates.

As I finished this picture we were passed by a military security van. Knowing how they love people taking pictures of military land it's possible we were only seconds away from a serious questioning... phew.

0 comments have been left19:49 23 Aug 2009Tags: sign dungeness military debris
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