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Crich's Pictures

Green Man
Green Man (Nikon D5000)

Just a little bit like Wood Face but this one is of a Green Man which is of course a legend with a common theme of life, death and rebirth (yeah I copied the last bit). This is back at Crich Tramway Museum.

So of course this weekend had nothing in store as far as pictures are concerned, nothing more than the Trafford Centre and Mothers Day and neither were photo opportunities. Perhaps next weekend.

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Dr Who Once More
Dr Who Once More (Nikon D5000)

When deciding where to go today I thought about Crich Tram Museum partly because of this. I remembered that they had an old police call box and knew I wanted to complete the set. Yes I know I'm like some sad train spotter just worse. Turning up like some weird nerd at a Tram Museum with my camera bag, not to collect tram numbers but to take a picture of the police call box. My memory of the Tram Museum was favourable of course so I'm really not that bad. If the Museum wasn't up to much then I'd really not have bothered. To be honest the trip allowed me to add to two of my nerdy collections, the first being Dr Who's House and the second being Chainsaw Sculptures.

Anyway the promise this weekend was for good weather and we were slightly let down and it was rather cold and add to that one tram ride on the top deck outside and I was frozen. Even so it was a good day out what with the walk back where the wood sculptures were. Today there was a small display of Robin Reliants which we saw struggling what with the single front wheel and the tram tracks as the left for the day. Still a good day was had by all and I am sure in the future I'll add some more pictures of the day when there's a quiet weekend.

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