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Ardwick's Pictures

View from the Platform
View from the Platform (Sony Ericsson K700i)

This is a picture from the platform looking South down the track at Ardwick Station, perhaps I did this as proof that the next picture is actually taken on the platform and I didn't just walk into a cemetery and take a picture.

0 comments have been left10:35 15 Nov 2005Tags: plaque ardwick station transport
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Paul McLaughlin
Paul McLaughlin (Sony Ericsson K700i)

This is why I was going to Ardwick station. Every day the train stops at Ardwick Station and amazingly people do get off. One day I noticed a stone set into the station. The next day I noticed there was a cross, so this is what it is. With no more information it makes you wonder what happened to Paul McLaughlin so near to Christmas in 1997, but perhaps this says that I am a little morbid. Right in front of this (or behind me in the picture) is a rose bush; I can't help but think they are connected.

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10:33 15 Nov 2005Tags: ardwick plaque station transport
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Ardwick Junction
Ardwick Junction (Sony Ericsson K700i)

This is the footbridge across the track at Ardwick station that sits in the middle of a junction. The tower near the left of the picture is some tower they are building in Manchester, the tallest tower in some area whether it's Manchester, the North or whatever I don't know, it looks strangely small here and yet down the road in Gorton it looks huge when you're driving down the A57 towards Manchester. I do plan to take a picture of it. I work 5 minutes away from it and have completely failed to take a snap in my lunch.

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10:30 15 Nov 2005Tags: ardwick junction transport
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Blind Lane
Blind Lane (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Blind Lane, turn into this lane and it's almost as if you've travelled back in time I feel. Just off to the right is Ardwick Station, but I have absolutely no idea what that building on the right was, it seems too small to be a house, but it's got two floors and a chimney. Who knows?

0 comments have been left10:27 15 Nov 2005Tags: arch cobbles ardwick
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