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Boss Its the Crane the Crane
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After a shocking pun if you understand the pun (if you're as old as me) why would you go any further? Well don't... thank goodness that I have got rid od my only viewer. Been a slow and busy week really. Lots of messing with house business and then a surprise. On Monday I got a month's worth of traffic in a day... what the heck was that you might think, in fact I was expecting a drop after banning a spammer from my site but no. Seems like a BBC program on 7/7 mentioned Matthew “Stan” Brewster who dies on that day and suddenly there was a rush to look for “stan brewster walkway” for which I am one of the top links. Hoorah.... with any luck I shall keep te new influx of traffic, but somehow I doubt.

In addition to that busyness, I have been feverishly (well perhaps that's going too far) extending my reach with the current What Bin Day country-wide domination. But you're not here to hear this, you're here for the pics and this one is in the museum at Manchester University. It's a picture of the 1000 cranes sited there. I'm assuming that these aren't the real cranes but it's about the good luck that cranes bring in Japanese and Chinese culture. The exhibit is about Sadako who was ill from radiation from the war in 1945 (there were no specifics really) who believed if you folded 1000 cranes for a wish then your wish would come true. Her friends and classmates helped here on the way to 1000 cranes. I'm assuming due to the omissions on the plaque next to the exhibit that her wish never came true but in some way she will be alive forwever... in the 1000 cranes... and in the plaque.

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