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Styal Mill
Styal Mill (Nikon D5000)

Back to an old fave that we haven't seen for some time. In fact I can't remember when I was last there. I don't seem to have a picture of it, so I can't have been that impressed, either that or went on a tour and there was no time for pictures. It was a quick dash out because it was more or less the only time we could get out whilst some boiler engineers did their stuff. Of course it was a very warm day so it was ideal for testing the central heating for 2 hours stuck in the house.

Next weekend and the weekend after should be quite fun, some more events coming up, but you never know I may be just able to take one if not two nice pictures, but I wouldn't count in it at the moment

This is of course a picture of the back of the mill. They have opened the gardens up finally, so that was the draw this weekend. Not sure when they actually opened them but since we knew they were it was a good excuse to go and see what was there. It was quite interesting as it's all on a rather steep hill however the views aren't that great because there are so many trees. Also the weir was closed because they are installing a fish race so that they can avoid the weir.

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Gloomy Wednesday
Gloomy Wednesday (Nikon D5000)

Blimey two pictures in one day, such lucky people you are.

This chap is from our house and not black and white believe it or not. I went out back for one reason or another and saw the moon was shining as bright as anything and splashing off the tiles on the roof next door and what with the telephone wires I thought it was a good picture... I could be wrong. Despite that by the time I got my camera the cloud started up and I stood there like a plum in my back garden for about five or ten minutes... yes that's the sort of commitment you get at Zamyatin. It was cold too, add that to the commitment stakes.

So there you go a pretty poor picture (because I would like to have got some definition of the moon but then again I don't think it was really possible, so I think I should be glad of what I got. No doubt if I showed this to my Wife I would get the usual that I get when I take a picture... “It's too dark”... you decide.

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Several Firsts
Several Firsts (Nikon D5000)

As you can guess from the title there are several firsts today. The first (first) is that we are at the NEC. Second is that we are about to go to a motor show, goodness knows what that will be like. Third I shared a restaurant with David Coultard though I didn't do anything embarrassing like ask for a picture, I think Paul di Resta was there too but I wasn't sure. Finally I am trying out my EyeFi card with a new app I created so no-one knows what mess will appear since there's some strangeness happening when the picture transfer to my phone from the Nikon. Anyway this is a picture of the NEC at night, less of a good pic and more of a test so let's see if it works. With any luck lots of pics tomorrow at the show.

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