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Hampton's Pictures

Hampton Lake
Hampton Lake (Minolta X500)

Here's perhaps the best example of an unzoommed picture ending up as a little wide angled. The lake appears vast and almost never ending and there are two reasons for this, the first is that it is vast, the second is that the wide angledness of the lens gets it all in. A compact wouldn't have got as much impact... I don't think... perhaps I'm talking rubbish. I need a lie down I think.

0 comments have been left12:55 3 Feb 2007Tags: hampton lake
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Hampton Court Clouds
Hampton Court Clouds (Minolta X500)

Again with the unzoomed zoom, here we have a different perspective on the hall. The clouds have come out quite well affecting the brightness of the hall of course (for all you photo nuts out there). I do like the way that the statue looks like it's reaching out to those clouds that appear almost touchable or fake as if I've added a backdrop. Again not the best light, but then again I've always found it difficult to take pictures in high contrast lighting at this time of year.

0 comments have been left12:51 3 Feb 2007Tags: clouds hampton statue
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Hampton Court Round Two
Hampton Court Round Two (Minolta X500)

Since it's all a bit slow on the picture front here is a picture I recently got back from my 35mm of Hampton Court. Yes a film camera. I have a Zoom lens with the Minolta which when unzoomed completely is a little wide angled as you might be able to see, gives some impressive panoramic pictures. The light in this one isn't great but it does give an impression of size.

0 comments have been left12:44 3 Feb 2007Tags: hampton hall grass
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Court from Afar
Court from Afar (QTEK 9100)

Here's a picture of Hampton Court from the end of the garden with the... gardens in the foreground and the house (Over to the left is a huge grape vine), but I like the perspective with this picture and the fact the clouds have come out all right. Took a bit of twiddling with the contrast and brightness on the QTEK but I got there.

0 comments have been left21:42 10 Oct 2006Tags: hampton clouds statue hall
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Hampton Court Symetry
Hampton Court Symetry (QTEK 9100)

Here's another picture of Hampton Court. This is a walkway around the main atrium. Just near the King's apartment I just liked the symmetry of this one. Mind you it's a classic symmetry picture in many ways, so there's nothing much interesting in it, I just like it.

0 comments have been left21:40 10 Oct 2006Tags: symmetry hampton walkway
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Hampton Side
Hampton Side (QTEK 9100)

I think this is the back of Hampton Court and this picture is a little freak in that I never saw the lense flare that happened. I tried for a Hampton Court side pic but I think it looks better than I expected with the the camera stuff.

0 comments have been left22:28 7 Oct 2006Tags: hampton flare motion
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Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace (QTEK 9100)

The front of Hampton Court Palace. That's where we have been today. Not somewhere I have fancied going ever however a good place to go nonetheless A massive palace and all my wife's idea, not the existence of the palace, just the idea of going there. Just a quick one for now, more later.

0 comments have been left19:43 7 Oct 2006Tags: hampton front
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