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Glass's Pictures

Its All Gone Grey
Its All Gone Grey (Orange San Francisco)

Not so much a grey day in Manchester but just a bad camera in Manchester it being the camera phone that is the San Fransisco. To be honest in this lunch hour I couldn't se the screen because of it's badness so I would not advise using the phone as a camera, however I think part of this the auto brightness problem with it. Either way, this is a pic of the new court building in Manchester. I liked the shimmery reflection and symmetry of it. On the phone it looked pretty bad but now it just looks bad.

With any luck I'll get more interesting pics next week as it's been a little quiet for February.

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Blurry Landscape
Blurry Landscape (Pentax Optio 50)

I never said at the start of this they would be good pictures.

On Monday I took a walk around Manchester to find the skating rink now in the new Hardman Boulevard in Spinningfields if you haven't guessed. I did find it and was going to take my annual skate picture but chickened out. Last year I had my daughter with me and kids are a great excuse to do all sorts of things whereas this year it was lunch on a Monday and I thought that I may just look like a bit of a freak in my cycling jacket waggling a camera about at no-one I knew.

On the way to Bridge Street I saw this reflection so whipped out my TYTN II and took a couple of shots and walked back to my office wondering how brilliant they would turn out... the scene did look impressive until I downloaded them and found them blurred. There was camera shake all over the place which is one of the things I hate about digital cameras, they start giving you the impression that there enough light and take the picture and on the whatever inch screen they look good so you download them to find them less than reasonable. I would prefer them to tell you at the time that there could be camera shake and then perhaps you could take precautions.

So as you can guess this isn't a photo from Monday. No I stalked the building all week (all week it's only Wednesday) waiting for some sun and today was the day. But to be quite honest I wasn't feeling it. Perhaps it was the light because I don't think that was as good and perhaps I just felt way too busy at work to wander about taking pictures and perhaps add to that I wanted it to be a good shot. I don't know perhaps it was all of these things. The picture does have a feeling that I was trying to get across but the building reflected is really blurred but then again that's probably a trick of the eye when not looking through a camera. Without a camera a shot always look better and I think my camera chose to focus on the building rather than the reflection.

Anyway here's my effort. A new ultra-modern building reflected in a new ultra-modern building which is a pretty good description of Spinningfields. Another description would be an anonymous collection of glass and steel that could be anywhere and reminiscent of anywhere.

0 comments have been left22:02 17 Dec 2008Tags: reflections spinningfields glass building
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Dunblane Cathedral
Dunblane Cathedral (QTEK 9100)

In a quick trip out from the main event which was Crieff we just kept on driving. First to Braco and then onward to Dunblane where we had a look at the Cathedral. There were quite a few pictures I could have included today but this one stood out. In a small room on a corner of the Cathedral is this. I have a few 35mm shots that I would be interested in seeing, though this will all take time but they should be better I hope. I took many shots with the QTEK but the basic shot of the detail of the window and no fancy stuff looked the best, though I'm that won't be the case of the film versions which I have yet to see.

0 comments have been left22:21 1 Jun 2007Tags: glass dunblane cathedral windows
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Burning Window
Burning Window (QTEK 9100)

This is one of the stained glass windows in Manchester Cathedral, I don't know what it is all about, as I found no description, but I'm guessing it's either supposed to represent fire or blood or both as I think it was this section that was bombed in the war in addition to which it is the chapel for the Manchester Regiment.

0 comments have been left17:34 1 May 2006Tags: manchester cathedral chapel glass windows
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Glass and Steel
Glass and Steel (Nisis DV5)

Just opposite the Bridgewater hall is this impressive building. With it snowing, a harsh wind and my Wife and Daughter disappearing into the car park this is the best shot I could get of this quite impressive and yet quite anonymous building.

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Solirize (Sony Ericsson K700i)

A picture out ouf our bathroom window with solirize added (a feature on the camera not that I can't solorize pictures after download) makes it look quite nice I think the patterned glass and the freaky colours.

0 comments have been left19:00 8 Sep 2005Tags: windows solirize glass
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