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Tyne's Pictures

The Fog on the Tyne...
The Fog on the Tyne... (Nikon D5000)

… is not there today. In a fairly tiring day that lead us to all sorts of places, some of which existed, it was nice to get back to watching some CBBC, well I'm not but my daughter is. As usual, holidays for her are trying to just do the usual things that she likes doing and nothing else. I am pretty sure if I could get a conveyor of McDonalds fitted and make sure CBBC was 24 hours a day and plug her DS into the mains then that would probably be a complete holiday for her. I'm not sure when she would go to bed or if she would, perhaps she would just sit in the one place and nap/fester for a while. Unfortunately for her it's my holiday too, so I dragged her into the centre of Newcastle to have a look at bridges... yes you heard. Well not exactly bridges but I wanted to see what was there and of course the bridges are always good for a photo op. As you can see here, three reasonably well known Newcastle/Gateshead landmarks. The Tyne bridge, Millennium bridge and the Sage Centre. Lots of walking was required, I never knew Newcastle was so hilly, well it seems to have one and it's damn steep.

So after all this walking and bridge crossing and Sage Centre looking at it was time for something else, so I grabbed my GPS and asked it for the nearest English Heritage place to find it popped up with St Paul Monastery. So off we drove and then I sudden found myself committed to the Tyne Tunnel and had no idea how much I had or how much I needed. Luckily with enough change and a load of confusion due to roadworks we got there and were directed straight into the middle of what looked like a housing estate and then dumped. No Monastery there, so back under the tunnel and what's this directions for another English Heritage site. So of we went again, this time sign led and GPS in the off position as it's just bobbins. We ended up in Tynemouth and right at the doors of it's Priory, surprisingly similar to quite a few religious settlements on cliff faces, in that they end up being turned into forts with gun emplacements used in the Second World War after which they were decommissioned. Still an interesting visit but now we were completely walked out so it's back to the bit where I mentioned CBBC.

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