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Festival's Pictures

Gorton Festival
Gorton Festival (QTEK 9100)

On a routine shopping trip... well not that routine, we were going to Asda instead of Sainsburys (not my choosing) and on the way down we spotted some bunting on a fence near the park. Not wishing to miss out on anything we stopped for a look and found Gorton Festival.

I must admit it was the strangest thing ever. Perhaps the problem was that despite the warm hot and sunny weather we've been having, Friday, Saturday and Sunday turned a little grim and rainy. There was a huge empty field with a tent (the one pictured) hammering music out to the few, 100 odd yards away was the fast food with kiddies bouncy castles (doing better trade than this attraction) and then a few stalls hugging the edge of the field like wallflowers. It was all rather empty which is a shame

The picture here is of the choir packing up. I'd have got a picture of them singing but I wasn't fast enough. As you can see it was a packed jeering mob requiring containment by the guy on the left in white and orange.

By far though I think the best entertainment came from three lads (in front of centre stage not pictured) who started showing their football skills whilst not spilling a drop of their Stella cans. I however showed my lack of football prowess and proved to myself that I just don't learn. The football was miss kicked into the kids playground. I attempted a well-placed pass over the fence, only to be dummied by the fence. I wouldn't mind but as I went to kick it a little voice in my head said "Pick it up, you know what's going to happen", however undeterred I ignored that thought and found the ball coming straight back to me. This was very similar to the last time that I thought -for a moment- that I was David Beckham.

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