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A bit of a random one here. I never knew these plaques existed from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Whilst I think I like the idea of other organisations other than Manchester Council thinking for you what is important I do like the quality of the Council's plaques in as much as they tell you why the plaque is there. There's also the worry that if anyone can get in on the act then it will be a little like high class graffiti.

What's great about this plaque on Byrom St is that it is so like a scientist to just list the the details rather than explain exactly what they mean, for instance what is the relevance of this plaque? Did they live here? Were they practising here (I know there used to be a hospital very close)? It does make you think that they lived in one big happy Chemistry house. At least the Manchester Council ones give some impression as to why they are there though they have started getting a little nerdy in as much as the Peterloo plaque used to be blue (as they all used to be) and has now been replaced with a red one which is new colour for an historical place whereas blue is now for an historical person.

I would have taken a picture of the Peterloo one but I shall save that for a special occasion... like Christmas... Oooh that's an idea.

0 comments have been left20:33 19 Jun 2008Tags: chemistry plaque byrom st
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