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Canyon's Pictures

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon (HTC Touch Pro 2)

On from the Grand Canyon we have Red Rock. Different in that it costs only five dollars or ten if you go about it the wrong way like we did. It includes a 13 mile scenic drive which seems to take ages (I'm not complaining it was quite spectacular and would have been even better if I weren't driving). I have come to the conclusion that an American mile is longer than a British mile owing to the amount of time they take to drive, however I suspect in the UK I would actually be driving faster.

Anyway back to Red Rock. Aiming at the rock climber, cyclist or car driver who likes looking at big things you drive around the base of the canyon and it's impressive in a different way. With the Grand Canyon you see a huge canyon from the top and get herded around, with this one you get to drive around or even climb over the canyon at your own pace. The picture is from the visitor centre that you need to get done before the drive as the drive exits you from the park meaning you have to pay your entrance fee again to see the visitors centre. No guesses which way we did it... But it's only five dollars.

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The Navajo Know
The Navajo Know (HTC Touch Pro 2)

So it's the Grand Canyon today and to the sky walk. It's a bit expensive and that's without a helicopter trip that I thought that we were going to splash out on until I found out that just the normal trip was a splash out. OK so I am a cheapskate.

What's surprising is that whilst you are walking on a glass floor 4000ft above the Colorado river it just doesn't feel that high. Perhaps it's too high to comprehend. Mind you we nearly never made it. It turns out last night when I though that I was charging the GPS it was actually discharging it. After 10 minutes in it switched off so out came the car charger. When I left home I decided not to bring the old tried and tested charger but a new one which I now know doesn't work. Needless to say I was under the bonnet looking at fuses to find them all fine, so a map of Arizona and a new charger later we were on the road despite the new charger not charging well and not allowing us to use the GPS whilst charging. Well as you can see we made it so it was not all bad.

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