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Cage's Pictures

The Cage in Winter
The Cage in Winter (Nikon D5300)

Oh the curse and blessing of sun on a winters day for photographers. The light just makes it so difficult getting a good shot. I took loads of pictures and to be honest I don't think I took a decent one. Mind you I'm like that most days, so I'm not sure why I'm trying to make excuses for my bad snaps.

The main problem is that fact that the ground is so light that if you take the exposure for that then everything else becomes an near silhouette. Of course the opposite is true, if you expose everything to make sure things aren't a silhouette then the snow is so over exposed it removes all features from it. Makes you impressed with how the human eye and brain working in tandem makes it all *look* so simple.

That's the technical bit over with. This weekend's trip was to go to Lyme Park and have a quick walk around. Only the second time that we ended up parking in Disley and walked in to the park for free (yeah we cheated the system). The problem with that of course, is that you've already had a pretty good walk before you've even got to the park, still you feel you mist at least walk to the hall before you turn around no matter how walked out you might be by the time you get there, especially after walking in a bit of deep snow.

Anyway, this is the cage in Lyme Park which I am amazed I can't find a really good link for, thought I can find loads of pictures, but you don't need any of those, you have this impressive specimen.

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