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You're Not Singing Tree Anymore
You're Not Singing Tree Anymore (Pentax Optio 50)

Hooray, I got out of the house. This must be my birthday or my Anniversary... but no. Finally we left the house to see the Singing Ringing Tree. After a few mishaps I thought that the trip would be aborted but no. Despite adverse situations we finally started out around 2pm. Now to me this appears too late since it starts getting a little dark around 4ish. Despite my reservations the dark was the lest of my worries. The lack of wind and the low cloud/fog was the issue.

My Wife told me that you could see the Singing Ringing Tree from the car park. With this mist/cloud (and I say cloud because as we moved up it all got brighter and it was thick) you could not. I started to doubt whether she had actually been anywhere near when -after a minute or two of walking- she didn't know where it was either, despite the fact that it's a pretty prescribed route from the car park to the tree.

When we got up their finally it was silent other than a quite eerie sound. I thought initially that it was the Singing Ringing Tree until it was pointed out that it sounded like people in which case it must have been Burnley beating West Ham 2-1. After a few seconds of listening it was clear that either the Singing Ringing Tree had learned football chants or it was Turf Moor.

The great thing about the Singing Ringing Tree is that when the wind is blowing you get some haunting sounds from the sculpture. Today all we heard was Turf Moor. Air was still so really this looked like a load of scaffold. The other great thing about the Singing Ringing Tree is that you have a great view from it. Today the cloud/mist was so thick you could not see 30ft in front of you. Oh joy. You would think that we would abort the mission but no... we headed off to find another Panopticon with even less luck. So why are they called a Panopticon? I have no idea.

0 comments have been left00:12 7 Feb 2010Tags: tree sculpture scafold burnley
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