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The Dukes of Dundee
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This chap thought it was good to paint his car like this... he was wrong. Not only is it a little childish but it's not even a similar looking car, it's an ordinary hatch so it looks really sad, and it's got a sunroof, do you really think Luke Duke and and Juke Duke and Daisy would have a sunroof, hell no. Also the car itself is so insignificant I can't remember what it is. Mind you I can't remember the name of the car in the Dukes of Hazard, it's a Challenger or something, or perhaps that's in Vanishing Point or Starskey and Hutch. If it was a Challenger or something large and American then you could get away with it but this? No.

This specimen was found at the Dundee Observatory a good but small attraction in Dundee. If you were a real fan of telescopes then go there, they have quite a few and the dome is paper mache, a strange choice of materials, but it's one of two in the world. The only other Observatory to be made of totally unsuitable materials is in Toronto, perhaps they were copying. All other Observatory domes are quite rightly made of cheese. I didn't find why they had uses a Cheddar free material which I thought they might explain, perhaps I missed it.

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