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John Rylands Library
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At the start of this weekend I didn't hold out any hope for pictures of any kind. Down at the thought that this might be the third week of no pictures or at least the idea of trawling though the bad bunch of photos I have saved to find some archive pictures, I went shopping. After a spin around the shops we passed John Rylands Library which I have visited recently and I reckon it definitely worth a visit.

It's interesting to find that it was built by his wife after his death, and it's also interesting to find that there used to be a Rylands shop and factory premises in the shops surrounding Piccadilly gardens. If you want to know more, it's probably best to ignore my half accurate prattle and read the Wikipedia entry. Failing that get it from the horses mouth as it were and pop along to this great church-like library.

As I was trying to take this picture a bus stopped at the bus stop in front of me, and just like the picture of the Hellfire Club someone on the bus decided to get in on the action and a knobhead at the back of the bus decided the best course of action was to wave. I'm never really sure why people do this. I wonder if his thought process was a little like this "Ah that looks like a great shot of the Rylands Library, the only think that would make the shot better would be me in the corner of the picture waving like a dick".

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