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May's Pictures

Beacon II Return of the Beacon
Beacon II Return of the Beacon (Canon PowerShot SX230 HS)

With nothing much other than work happening, it was nice to get out and have a bit of a walk even though it was around Alderley Edge and back to the same Beacon we visited six years ago. This time I got the whole plaque in without having to piece it together like I seemed to have to do with the old QTEK 9100, it was also nice and sunny this time unlike the last.

Prior to this we went to the Mind Body and Soul exhibition/thingy/lounge which I should have realised by the name of it that I would hate it. Strangely enough it wasn't that bad, mainly due to it's minuscule size. We paid our four and a half of your English Pounds for one lap of the hall which even at a slow pace took a maximum of 5 minutes. After this we left. Job done.

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Stonehenge (Nikon D5000)

You have to start worrying when I can't think of anything better to title this item but I can't so hang onto your hat as this seems to be a totally inspired bit of writing coming at you at high speed. If you do feel the urge do stop half way through as I don't want anyone fainting.

Bet you can't guess where this place it. Yes you are correct, it's Stonehenge. It's strange really because really iy should be two words surely, it should be Stone Henge as it is a Stone Henge and not a Stonehenge, though I'm sure that this has now become the name of the place which was unimaginatively named just like the title, so it's a Stone Henge in Stonehenge just like there was a little skirmish in a place called Skirmish... no I mean Battle.

Of course what with me being busy there has been no time to take any pictures at all, in fact I did take a few just the other day of a beach but they were rubbish and I would not insult you with them, so perhaps I will be luckier within the next week, however I wouldn't bet on it to be honest.

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