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April's Pictures

You Are Here
You Are Here (Samsung Galaxy S)

In a rather boring weekend, here's a rather strange snap to add to my stupid signs collection, I'm sure there was a reason fo this sign and perhaps that reason is no longer valid but it appears quite useless now. To be honest this sign in Botany bay is definitely correct but despite being correct it leaves you with nothing more than you turned up to the sign with. I suppose it could have been more cryptic and just as useless if it said “Pigs Oink” or “Water is wet”. To be honest I think I would have preferred it to say “You are not here” so I could watch the confused faces and perhaps the odd person who tried to make sense of the statement stroking their beard.

Of course it could be a reference to The Prisoner what with the Penny-Farthing but I think I'm taking it far too seriously here and I don't even have a beard, believe me I have tried growing one, I looked a mess, I looked like a tramp and that's really an offence to tramps.

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Hartshead Pike
Hartshead Pike (Nikon D5000)

Yep it doesn't get any more exciting that this. Hartshead Pike was the destination this weekend and nothing else happened, what with this being the highlight you can imagine the rest of it wasn't really up to much. Now that's not to say that the obligatory Wikipedia article isn't interesting... well it's not really that interesting either. Quite interesting why it's there an the fact that it used to be a sweet shop but those are the highlight, but beggars can't be choosers and I'm sure the options were B&Q or Hartshead Pike and since I had already swerved a trip to IKEA that weekend I decided that all soft furnishings were to be avoided at all costs.

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