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High Speed
High Speed (Canon PowerShot SX230 HS)

Todays outing was to the Blue Planet Aquarium which I was looking forward to but just like Blackpool your memories of it are better to stay just as that... memories. Never go back. After a payment of over forty of your English pounds the sights were few. Perhaps I have been spoilt by The Deep which is a brilliant world of the sea rather than the small Cafe which is the Blue Planet. Of course I could go back to The Deep and think exactly the same.

Anyway, to the picture. It was taken from my new camera, the rather average Cannon Powershot SX230 HS, which is a rather catchy title I think, it was a 1 second shot from the Cannon on the home journey which doesn't have any coordinates from the GPS in the EXIF as I would have hoped for but perhaps it's just a Cannon thing and perhaps I really need to mess with their drivers... I was hoping otherwise.

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Novotel Top Floor
Novotel Top Floor (Nikon F3 T)

OK So I've been busy. Off to Ireland last weekend for a tiring non-Christening missing Pit Lane Park and a couple of other weekends with no picture opportunities, well there was the Squirrel Tree that I have never had the time to take a picture of on Torkington Road that I have driven past several times but wished I did have time or the light for. I also haven't taken a picture of the broken pieces of Ossington Court that was half the block it was on the 22nd of June when they finally decided to tear it down.

So we have an archive picture an office block from the top of the Novotel in Seville reflecting the Novotel sign. This picture was supposed to be a timed exposure of the sunset. Unfortunately I took it with the Nikon. Either I am impatient with the camera and it is just slow at taking pictures or in low light the Nikon is faulty and locks open in low light, so the light streaks are me trying to get a one Euro piece to unscrew the batteries whilst I wiggle the camera around in the light of the pool lights.

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Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights (QTEK 9100)

On a quick trip into Manchester we parked in China Town to have lunch and have a quick look around we saw this. Manchester's lights got turned on on Thursday and it appears that whilst the main lights are around Albert Square lots of other bits of the Centre did the same. This Dragon in China Town looks quite impressive. Thinking about it I do wonder what Piccadilly Gardens (not that the gardens exist anymore. I wonder if it's now called Piccadilly Square now) looks like, perhaps that's next week.

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Evil Knievel
Evil Knievel (QTEK 9100)

Well it's probably not him, bit it's a classic, dusted off year after year and is probably still there because of the adults who remember it from when they were young, the kids of course probably find it too sedate and would prefer the flashing lights of the "Playstation 360 Megadrive" display.

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Fancy Lighting 2
Fancy Lighting 2 (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Another picture of the street lights in Ancoats that looked pretty impressive... well I say that and in some ways they are just a little industrial for my liking. On the right is Ancoats hospital where my Wife's Granddad died, on the left you can just make out seats for people to sit and overlook a fence and some houses.

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Fancy Lighting
Fancy Lighting (Sony Ericsson K700i)

Driving through Ancoats (well not just Ancoats the trip was Ancoats, City Centre, Adrwick, Ancoats, Centre, Adrwick, Ancoats and then home) we stumbled onto this street in Ancoats. It's not a great picture and again the k700i didn't help, but I did set the contrast wrong so I had to adjust the brightness and contrast; whilst doing this improves the picture it would have been better to get it right in the first place.

These things in the middle of the road are streetlights and looked quite interesting with the sun low in the sky. In fact you can probably tell the lowness of the sun by the length of my shadow at the left of the picture that I have only just noticed. Of course I never saw this at the time due to the failing of many digital cameras in that they have a screen that you view from a distance and in high contrast lighting where your back is to the sun you can't make out a damn thing on the screen. Mind you facing the other way isn't any better. You would have thought that after the number of years of camera development they would have thought of this when they produced modern digital cameras but no But then again picture quality isn't what these cameras are about, it's about megapixels, storage space and image and style.

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Lighty Light
Lighty Light (Sony Ericsson K700i)

I liked this pic when I took it, not so sure I like it now. No it's not aliens, it's the lights that I have finally fixed above the wardrobes, though it might make a good pic. How wrong I was. Three transformers later the lights are on. Hooray!

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