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We got this flyer through our door. Please don't get me wrong I have no problem with the flyer in itself so please go if you can if you want to support the Friends of Granada Park, please do. Last time I saw the park it was a bit of nothingness so if it can be improved all power to them.

I started looking at the attractions on this Family Fun Day starting (as usual) at the top. So top at the bill we have a DJ, OK that sounds good then we have second on the bill... a Police Unit. Hmmm what are they trying to say here. OK I know they often have Police stalls in these things but putting it second billing what is that saying. Is it being advertised to say that when everything kicks off at least the Police will be there to control the situation. To be quite honest I'm not going to Granada Park on the 8th purely for the Police Unit I can tell you, especially with all my unspent convictions and me jumping bail. Ah OK I see it now they're trying to keep people like me out. Sorry about that I understand it now.

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Comment Left By: Andy
Date 23:00 21 May 2008

What about the ambulance too? What are they trying to say? And once you get that idea into you head, the terms "shoot out", "rifle" and "cyclops" suddenly suggest themselves. Okay, upon closer examination it is "penalty shoot out", "raffle" and "cycle-ops", but the damage has been done. I'm steering well clear.
Comment Left By: Zamyatin
Date 23:19 21 May 2008

I never noticed all those. I stopped at Police bearing in mind my “troubles” but did think that “shoot out” might concern the relevant authorities, hence the Ambulance I suppose.
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