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Welcome. The following are the last 5 or so pictures to be uploaded. To view more pictures click on Photos to see more.

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Gaskell House Revisited
Gaskell House RevisitedNikon D5300
So after they refurbished Gaskell House it now looks like this. I have a before photo and readin the entry back I have no idea what the heck I was talking about. Some rubbish about taking loads of rolls of film and travelling from Stcokport to Manchester on the A6 and taking photos? What the heck was I thinking of. Well perhaps in 2006 I had loads of time to piss up the wall taking photos of a road I just really hate driving down and gets a rough in bits and would have been worse then.

Anyway, back to todays image. It's sort of a very small museum which is quite interesting but also a little brief and lacking in info on Elizabeth Gaskell I though, but perhaps I missed stuff, though a couple of the volunteers were very chatty and full of information, but it was nice to see that they have got the place looking nice and considerably less pink.

0 comments have been left21:10 19 Oct 2014Tags: gaskell longsight museum
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Duck Three
Duck ThreeNikon D5300
It was a walk out to Reddish Vale park to day allowing me to test out my upgrade to the D5000, the D5300. Using it's colour selection effect to pick out the orange on the ducks feet, I got this pic. In addition to this it tagged the pictures with the long lat which will will help with tagging the picture for the weather stats that I have on the site, however this will need a bit more work to strip the info. Still it's not the best picture every and only of note because of the orange tweak.

0 comments have been left22:30 20 Sep 2014Tags: duck reddish vale water
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Working the Land
Working the LandNikon D5000
This chap is at Lord Byron's house and only now have a noticed two things about him. The first is that he sort of reminds me of Wilson Wilson from the Channel 4 series Utopia. The second thing that I noticed is that he's got a whacking great hole in the back of his head, but by the looks of the hole I think it's supposed to be there, but who knows. Let's just hope that the hole wasn't made by a spoon, or that you did it, because knowing Wilson Wilson he may take his time, but he'll get you back, even if it takes about two series to do so.

Anyway, less about TV and more about this. We were off to Nottingham to see some caves, however I think in the end we ended up seeing a set of steps that were covered over rather than actual caves, so I think I felt a little cheated, but the Gaol was good and the tour was interesting even if he start did end up with a bit too much audience participation that I was interested in. Luckily I didn't get dragged out to the front. Still Newstead Abbey is quite nice which is where Lord Byron lived. Quite a ordinary country house if you know what I mean, but would have been impressive to wake up every morning with the views. This character is one of four chiken wire sculptures that seem to be there for their own existence, and by that I mean they don't seem to be there to support some flowers. I think this one has a fork (in the gardening sense) and is doing some work.

0 comments have been left18:03 25 Aug 2014Tags: byron garden newstead wire
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BellagioNikon D5000
Apparently its the most beautiful town in Italy, I would love to agree but as sson as we got there the fighter for a parking spot started and it wasn't much fun, to such an extent on our last run around the town I was just about to go back when I turned the wrong way and ended up driving down what appeared to be a pedestrianised street. Of course this just topped off the day. As it turned out we were OK to drive down the street, its just that pedestrians were all over the shop.

So is it the most beautiful town in Italy? Well I don't know. I suspect if you head off into the hills we may have seen more but no-one was prepared for the climb, and the shops were too much of a pull so that is all we sort of saw... which was OK.

0 comments have been left18:05 6 Aug 2014Tags: bellagio italy alley
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MilanoNikon D5000
It was interesting when I asked the hotel what the best way to get to Milan was. Ironically when she told me that it would be best to go by train because going by car would ba a hassle "after all you're on your holidays" which is fine but because I am on my holiday, the thought of getting up at 7am to catch a train also doesn't seem to be the best thing to do. Still we went and after a long day trudging around a hot Milan I can confirm Milan is a big city. I can also confirm that I have now seen all the top three Cathedrals in the world, this being Milan Cathedral if you can't guess.

0 comments have been left16:57 5 Aug 2014Tags: milan cathedral italy window
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