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June's Pictures

Apple Jack's Hero Pigs
Apple Jack's Hero Pigs (Pentax Optio 50)

Apple Jacks's Farm was the order of the day today which on the whole is a strange place and not what you expect. With activities like Archery, an air pressure gun that fires tennis balls and a bouncy pillow to jump on it was defiantly not your average farm exhibit, so you wouldn't be surprised to find pig racing here which is what this is. Well it would have been pig racing if the pigs could be bothered. Today it was more a case of a man showing the pigs their lunch and then running off around the circuit twice which did work to some extent however the clever pigs decided that going the opposite way round the track to head their meal off.

I knew a few things about pigs but I never realised that “Pigs bite danger”. Perhaps it's these pigs that bite danger but I can't help feeling that the sign should be longer and say something to the effect of “Pigs bite danger, laugh in the face of adversity and tweak the nose of fear”.

0 comments have been left18:25 22 Jun 2008Tags: pig farm racing
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Pit Lane Park
Pit Lane Park (TYTN II)

BMW Sauber are doing the rounds, first I think I heard this car was in a Rochdale BMW garage showing it off after their success in Canada. Well I think it's the same, I could be completely wrong. This time they were advertising Pit Lane Park at the Trafford Centre in two weekends time. Looks like a good weekend if you like that sort of thing which I do, it's just such a shame that I shall not be there. By the looks of it it's a yearly thing so perhaps this time next year.

0 comments have been left21:35 21 Jun 2008Tags: motorsport f1 sauber trafford centre
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Christmas has Come Early
Christmas has Come Early (Nisis DV5)

I was running through my old photos and found this one. What's worse is that I cannot find it on my site so I must have omitted it.

Here is the blue plaque that I was talking about in the last post. In fact this is now not there which is surely better. Zamyatin is a little web archive of the past. Of course here is the obligatory Wikipedia link.

What's weird is that it's quite difficult to believe that in the centre of Manchester there was enough space for 60000 people what with the Raddison and GMEX but then again it was just 1 year under 200 years ago.

I shall delay the appearance of the new plaque otherwise Zamyatin will be know as the Plaque site.

0 comments have been left23:58 20 Jun 2008Tags: peterloo plaque
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Better Living Through Chemistry
Better Living Through Chemistry (TYTN II)

A bit of a random one here. I never knew these plaques existed from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Whilst I think I like the idea of other organisations other than Manchester Council thinking for you what is important I do like the quality of the Council's plaques in as much as they tell you why the plaque is there. There's also the worry that if anyone can get in on the act then it will be a little like high class graffiti.

What's great about this plaque on Byrom St is that it is so like a scientist to just list the the details rather than explain exactly what they mean, for instance what is the relevance of this plaque? Did they live here? Were they practising here (I know there used to be a hospital very close)? It does make you think that they lived in one big happy Chemistry house. At least the Manchester Council ones give some impression as to why they are there though they have started getting a little nerdy in as much as the Peterloo plaque used to be blue (as they all used to be) and has now been replaced with a red one which is new colour for an historical place whereas blue is now for an historical person.

I would have taken a picture of the Peterloo one but I shall save that for a special occasion... like Christmas... Oooh that's an idea.

0 comments have been left20:33 19 Jun 2008Tags: chemistry plaque byrom st
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Old and New
Old and New (Pentax Optio 50)

Here a quick picture at the Railway Age Museum at Crewe, we went to the centre of Crewe after this to find that Crewe would only be nice if it wasn't for the fact that it was near Crewe.

Anyway back to the Railway Age Museum. It was an interesting and a little disorganised especially when it appeared to include other forms of transport too and include random pictures of other things than trains. What was interesting was you could climb onto an APT as a passenger and as the driver.

Here's a picture of the Pendolino on it's travels with it's "older relation" the APT strictly going nowhere inside the museum.

0 comments have been left20:12 2 Jun 2008Tags: crewe apt pendolino transport
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