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September's Pictures

Place Your Tarantella Here
Place Your Tarantella Here (Orange San Francisco)

Now please don't get me wrong, I love this place and it won't stop me going here for a second obviously but in the same way I love the place, I also love this pic. I came across this when I was delivered the bill, and for some reason I decided to look at the small tray that I was given the bill on and found this. I would love to think that this is a school project that little Sammy (or perhaps it should be Umburto) came home from after a play with the CNC, proud to show his parents Sammy presented it to Dad who decided to put it under the stairs, or course Mum found out and insisted that Sammy was going to be at the restaurant and would wonder where it was. Needless to say Dad has now been blackmailed into keeping it even with the huge mistake and the misspelling of Tarantella.

Needless to say, no matter how much I tried to paste text or graphics onto the tray nothing would stick but then again I have an Android phone, perhaps an iPhone would do it.

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Teggs Nose
Teggs Nose (Nikon D5000)

Todays trip ended up at Teggs Nose but it started out by going to the Cat and Fiddle to have a look at the climb up to the pub because it's one of the climbs in the Macc Monster which I won't be competing in but it did look interesting what with my first flush of success (as far as I'm concerned). Mind you there's a slight difference in the severity and amount of feet required this time, still you never know whether you can do something until you try. Anyway there seemed to be an event on up to the Cat and Fiddle but to be honest it didn't look like the day for it to me, it was wet and a little cold, not really the day for climbing up to the Cat and Fiddle dicing with cars on the way but then again I was in the safety of warm car. So to Teggs Nose. It's a country park with views across to Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and Alderly Edge to name but a few. In this picture you can even see Jodrell Bank which is easier to see when you're there than on this picture but if you can see a white spot just down from the horizon and off right of the centre, the radio telescope was turning around whilst we were there making it easier to see but it was pretty unmistakable.

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Early Morning Blackpool
Early Morning Blackpool (Orange San Francisco)

Today's fun has mainly consisted of cycling the fifty one and a half miles to Blackpool in support of the British Heart Foundation. I started at 1:40am alone and in the dark which wasn't the plan but when I got to the start line I found them all packing up. When I asked what had happened I was told that they let my group go early. Thanks guys, so as a back marker already and no company to speak of I set off pretty fast hitting 20mph on the flat early on. Realising that it was best not to keep that sort of pace up being a casual cyclist I did try and slow a little, still I was catching people and passing them even up hill... what was going on?

The main problem with the whole ride was the rain. It was stop start but mainly start and then near Preston it really came down making my wonder why the heck I was doing this, it was hammering it down, dark, my shoes we filling up and my gloves were soaked through. The rain stopped and the thought was forgotten and off we go again.

The final stop in Warton was grim, in fact I felt fine until I stopped then started feeling cold for the first time. Luckily I had a long sleeved jersey that was dry to add to my other layers which help off the cold a little bit but by this time my arse and arms were already in a bit of pain and there was nothing I could do about that.

Despite the rain nothing mechanical or flesh based actually failed which was good and I was pleased by my strong start and constant speed throughout despite a feeling of weakness in my legs towards the end, and despite it all I would do it again.

By the way the picture isn't of the tower right after I finished. After finishing I found my Wife and got a McDonalds (one way to bridge the 3460 missing cals) and walked about a bit then took the picture. When I finished it was still pitch black owing to the fact that it was 5:17am.

For those interested, you can look at the stats of the whole trip at my Garmin Connect page.

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It Just isnt Cricket...
It Just isnt Cricket... (Nikon D5000)

...and that's right (Well what do you expect from a Zamyatin article title?). Initially I thought it was a Cricket but apparently they are nocturnal so this must be a Grasshopper and what a clear pic we have. It must have been a very patient Grasshopper because I did hang about quite a bit trying to take the picture after it hopped onto my Wife's trousers. In fact once done it didn't want to go so she had to pick it up and drop it somewhere safe because beige trousers aren't exactly the best place to hide from the birds if you're a nice and tasty green insect. Anyway for those who care this was snapped on a long walk around Tatton Park on a supposedly rainy day that ended up being rather nice and overcast in patches. Of course the fact that it was overcast did make it really difficult to take good pictures as the light is just awful but every so often you get a lucky break like this one.

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